Why Understanding How Hosting Companies Work Is Important As a Small Business Owner in The UK

And why we’ve chosen to work with IONOS…


How’d you like to learn how to build an appreciable online presence that accurately reflects your business and what you do?

What if I said that most small businesses, just like you, use the same or similar tactics? (even McCall Media).

Better yet, what if we showed you how to build your own business web space to create more complex websites with better designs to attract more prospects and earn more sales?

In this blog article, we will teach you all about the web hosting software IONOS, why McCall Media use it and how your business can reap all of the benefits mentioned above!

What is IONOS

Many small business owners, like you, steer clear of their hosting problems, building a domain or the creation of a website. It sounds like a headache doesn’t it? This problem lies in the fact they can never find the right software applications that work for their area of expertise.

No worries, we are here to let you know how IONOS can help you with these problems. You’re probably wishing right now that you knew about this program sooner, right?

IONOS is a software that helps business owners host their websites. Not only is it an area to host your young website, the company is a cloud partner! This means they provide you with the public cloud services via their console. IONOS is specialized in working with small and medium businesses because it is simple to navigate through their website. The opening web page provides you with a variety of options to choose from:

• Domains and SSL

• Hosting

• Email

• Websites and Shops

• Security Solutions, and more…

How does that sound? If any one of the resources above sound like something you are grappling with, IONOS offers simple navigation through each section so you can teach yourself as you go. On the website, take a look at the different packages IONOS are presenting. Prices start from £1 a month, depending on what you need!

girl working with her business on IONOS

Why McCall Media Use IONOS?

With all the benefits and different services on offer, why wouldn’t we want to use IONOS. Registering a domain name or hosting your website couldn’t be easier with this software! We recommend using IONOS – even we use use the program! The reason so, it’s straightforward and simple – even for people with no tech abilities.

We want to set an example for our clients, which is why we have chosen this software as the one we use ourselves. McCall Media understand that not everyone possesses the IT knowledge like us. IONOS offers simple solutions to seemingly confusing technical tools.

The hosting software, if used correctly, really does benefit you as our clients. If any help is needed, please do get in touch with us and book in a call. We’d be happy to help. Having the ability to web host, build your website and build a business email, all in one place, is so convenient for small business owners who don’t know where to start.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using IONOS

• You work with comfort knowing your business is safe and your data is securely stored within the systems of IONOS.

• Having dual technology with both your server and storage, the system performs much faster than others of it’s kind, saving you time to work on your business instead.

• As your website grows, IONOS works with you. The system will adjust as you are scaling up. Such parameters include RAM and memory.

• No matter what plan you choose when you come to working with IONOS, you get a free SSL certificate and often malware protection services.


IONOS could be the perfect start when looking to host your website somewhere. We know that the program is completely safe and reliable to use, so McCall Media highly endorse it!

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