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Producing videos for your business takes a lot of time and effort. As you can imagine, there is a lot that goes into the planning, creation and advertising of any video you make. You have to take the role of a professional video producer to ensure you reap all the benefits from your work. Video production services are in place to aid you.

Think about preproduction, the actual production, and then post production. Video is on the rise, and it is the future as part of your marketing strategy. Learning how to provide your audience with the best content possible could be the difference between a good or badly advertised business.

In this blog, we will be going over the topics that you need to review in order to make the most of your marketing strategy.

  1. The 3 Stages of Video Production
  2. Types of Video Content
  3. Pros and Cons of Using Video Content

The 3 Stages of Video Production

Before you begin your adventure into the wonderful world of Video Production Services, there are a few tips you need to know. You can hire a skilled production company if you can’t afford an in-house production team. However, in this article, we will go over how easy it can be to create a video strategy of your own.


No matter what business you work in, video brings its great deal of advantages. It is one of the most proficient ways to convert prospects into clients. Driving them to feel and think in a certain way connects them to your business more. Which, in turn, propels more customers.

Whether you work on your video-production service in house or you hire a company to do so, you still have to follow these three steps. Preproduction is the first category.

Think about what you want your video to portray and who your target audience is. Preproduction is a vital stage in the process. Although most of it is behind the scenes, without knowing what to to, it can get confusing. Review the message you want to portray through your content. This gives you a solid base to work on.

The preproduction stage is also the time to refine the content that you are going to create. Scriptwriting, creating a budget, equipment prep, storyboarding and your method of delivery are all looked at here.


This is the actual creation of the video. Things that need to be considered here include who is going to be involved. A producer? Camera Operator? Production Assistant? Makeup Artist. These need to be included in your budget.

As well as the people, specialist equipment might need to be used. You’ll need a camera, good lighting, audio, a decent PC for editing etc..


Postproduction starts when your video has already been filmed. The video production services that are included are:

• File Management

• Editing

• Recording any voice overs

• Any motion graphics

There are so many more aspects that could be included in this process. It really depends on what you want to create for your business and how far you are willing to go. If you hire a lot of people to aid in the process, then your budget will need to increase. Deciding how you want to go about creating your video will all depend on whether your a big or small business.

Types of Video Content

What your video content will be about all depends on your business too. If your a digital marketing agency, obviously your content will be on topics like SEO and email automation. If your a self employed chef, you might make videos on certain recipes. The actual content you create will vary, but we can give you some ideas for basic video ideas:

• Social Media Videos

• Event Videos

• Educational Videos

• Tutorials

• Documentary Videos

• Advertising

Every video you create can vary in length. Let’s say you want to create a YouTube Video. The average length of this is between 6-10 minutes. However, if you want to make a TikTok, Instagram or YouTube Short, then they will be between 1-3 minutes.

The detail that goes into planning, making and advertising your video depends on the length. Your efforts to make an enjoyable video should not be decreased depending on this though. Any video produced can increase traffic to your business quickly. Did you know that video can expand your visibility on search engines by 157%. It’s crazy!

video production services

Pros and Cons of Video Content

Video production services yield many advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss a few now, so you can decide whether video will be worth your efforts.


• Video content has one of the strongest streaks of engagement. Viewers are much more likely to to interact with a video than with a text post. Interacting with them will grow your business tremendously.

• It is known that conversion rates will improve greatly when video content is on the page. Like we mentioned above, when clients resonate with your story, this generates an emotional connection to the business. Doing so could help drive them to become customers.

• Although video content can be quite difficult to create first time, once it has been done, it can be reused over and over. Future projects can use this video, making it cheaper and easier in the long run. Also, it can be changed and edited to suit your needs.


• Creating video content properly can be expensive. With all the upfront equipment that might need to be purchased, it doesn’t come cheap.

• Video production can be quite difficult for someone that has never done it before. Often, people who don’t really understand what they are doing waste a lot of money on studios and hiring production companies. This costly waste happens when they are unsure on what they want.

• Not every audience actually enjoy sitting and watching a video. Some clients may prefer something a little more interactive, or they may want something they can read within a few seconds. This is all based on your audience and what you know about them.


Overall, here at McCall Media, we believe video production is very worthwhile. It can often help your audience understand your business on a more emotional level. This means they are more likely to interact with your product and services, which will grow your business enormously.

You need to fully recognize the pros and cons that video production services would bring you, and whether you think it is worth it.

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