The Most Effective Approach to Creating Viral Content Daily by Re-purposing Content

So, how can you expand your reach and get your content noticed?

This question spirals through the heads of thousands of business owners daily. If there were one successful formula to creating viral content, everyone would do it. It isn’t easy, which is why the benefits are so great if you do reach that level. There is no one-step, easy, miraculous recipe to stirring up popular content, so if that’s what your here for, this blog isn’t for you.

When you re-purpose existing successful content, you remove the frustrations of spending hours a day creating fresh content that doesn’t become favorable, you’re no longer discouraged that the rewards coming from great content are not being noticed in your work

As business owners ourselves, we understand.

We’ve all become bitter at some point when our imaginary bottle of content ideas begins to run out and your sat in bed, stressing all night long about how your going to keep your business afloat.

We’ve all been there, you’re not alone.

Are you equipped – by yourself – to protect your valuable time and energy from social media gone wild? Useless posts are filling up your clients online platforms. We think its time you took control of that.

Lets get straight to the point. Think about it logically. If you produce a post that becomes extremely successful, why waste your time creating another post that isn’t as lucrative – just re purpose it, it’s as simple as that!

Benefits of Re-Purposing Content

Like we briefly mentioned above, cross-pollinating content means to re-use old popular and helpful content that has been tucked away into your archives, then breathing new life into them.

Re-creating them into different varieties of posts will change up your game and trick your audience into thinking it’s brand new! Getting traffic moving around the different sites and into your mailing list is your biggest priority. Do you see where we are going with this…

With repurposing content, business owners have a head start on the creation process, saving you time and money in that area. Time is extremely precious to everyone. When re-purposing content, the research phase is the longest part, so having that already done for you is half the job complete.

Here are some of the key benefits to this process:

Boost in SEO. Creating multiple different pieces around the same topics will provide opportunities for use of keywords. Links back to your site from third party websites help Google to understand that your content is ‘gold’, and worth showing at the top of its rankings.

• You may be able to reach a new audience. Often, the original piece of work doesn’t reach everybody in your target audience. Re-purposing your content in different forms allows you to change it to suit people in different locations on the web.

Conversion rates are increased. The chances of your content being shared across the web is enlarged, leading to a surge in brand awareness for your business.

Where can you find content that is worth re-purposing?

Now onto the next step, figuring out what content is successful enough to re-purpose, and where you can find this.

To begin, have a look into your archives, or into really old posts that were ‘outstanding!’. Find out what parts of your content are evergreen. This is work that continues to stay ‘fresh’ over time, and throughout the years, stays relevant to the topic. Ensuring this content is of high quality means that you can reuse it again.

Head over to your analytics and see what has performed best over the last few months, or even years. Then, select the ones relevant to your business right now.

Looking through your reviews or feedback might help you to select content you could elaborate on. Using their comment and recycling your content to suit them will help grow your online presence tremendously.


Ways you can re-purpose your content

Adding value to your existing content is the key stakeholder when it comes to re-purposing. Altering it so that it suits your new audience is key in making it even more successful than before! Fancy getting involved? Lets dive into it together.

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Turning Content Into Video

Choose one of your existing blog articles and break it down into different sections.

An example could be that you created a blog based on marketing segmentation. Break the blog into lists of the different components: demo-graphical, geographical, pychographic and behavioral segmentation. This way, it is simple to figure out the key topics, therefore, produce a video on each individual area. Maybe you could produce little mini-clips or tips to post on your social channels. Not only is this adding value to your clients lives, you have converted one piece of content into four, what more could you want?

Snippets in Emails/Guest Content on Other B2B Businesses Newsletters

Linking previous blogs or videos into your email newsletters, or even other businesses ones, helps populate an audience to that piece of new content. Choosing a variety of different areas to promote and place will give you the opportunity to expand on different sections in the article.

Building an Infographic

Info-graphics are graphics that are used to represent something like a piece of data, knowledge or some information. They are relatively simple to produce, so why haven’t you started making them yet? You’re seriously missing out. Successful business all around the UK link these in their emails, social media and even sometimes their website! Surprisingly, it’s a simple way to portray information that your clients may find hard to understand otherwise.

Re-purposing your existing, flourishing social media content is an easy way to break down information to put into an info-graphic. Some even break down existing blog articles. Make the subheadings different sections in the info-graphic. An example if you are finding it difficult, choose a step-by-step process that your audience will need to follow, that is specific to your business processes. So, if your an accountant, you could create a post based on eliminating anxiety about small business accounting:

• Set up a cloud-based accounting solution

• Pick an accounting method

• Getting paid online

• Auto track your expenses

• Know your numbers

Creating Webinars and Podcasts

If you are a business fed up of creating social media posts that aren’t getting engagement, it may be time you move onto video content. Recently, video is on the rise. Even Instagram have mentioned in a statement that “We’re also going to be experimenting with how do we embrace video more broadly — full screen, immersive, entertaining mobile-first video…”.

Engagement for images and photo sharing will be decreased, whilst videos created and posted on the app, even reels, will be recommended to your users. If this isn’t enough to make you want to jump on the band-wagon, we don’t know what is.

Create videos like webinars and podcasts! They may not be posted on social media, but the above concept still applies where ever you post them. Think about previous blogs you’ve created, or pieces of social media that your prospects didn’t quite understand in a single picture. These would be great to create webinars and podcasts on!

Cross-Pollinating to Your Advantage

Cross-pollinating your successful content will always do your business good. As a business owner, it can be nerve-wracking using content that has already been produced before. But you should feel the complete opposite! Re-purposing content that worked well in the past, and putting it into a new format, not only enables you to achieve multiple goals at once, its also maximizing that precious time and effort on something that will actually benefit your business.

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