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Our Hybrid Business Approach

Why we’ve adopted a hybrid business model approach to conquering the home vs office work location battle!

2020 has been a year of distruption in all walks of business, but none-more-so then the traditional office environment. And whilst most business are embracing the “work from home” concept, why we here at McCall Media Ltd are actually in the process of hiring an office and breaking free from our 100% virtual office concept.

Like many small businesses McCall Media Ltd has grown out of the efforts of it’s owner, Angela McCall’s freelance days. In fact, 23 years of virtual working, home working, remote working is a business model Angela had embraced for more then 2 decades, and so when the UK goverment annouced the first lock-down meassures that resulted in then general population embracing working from home, as ANgela had always done. Her first thoughts for McCall Media Ltd was “yes” finally people are embracing video calls and technology to remove geographical boundaries as she herself had done for her entire working career.

However, as the down-side of home working is that you never get to close the doors behind you and gain complete freedom from work, and even if you work in an office enviroment still, most employees have access to their work emails via their phones or web-applications etc.

So, as part of the evolutionary growth from freelancer single person business model into a small design and marketing agency with a team serving and supporting our client’s Angela decided that an “office” would be a more formal way to help bring her team together, train her staff and build that invisible boundary between home life and work life.

Our Strategy

So whilst most busineses are trying to embrace home-working as a long-term strategy, McCall Media Studios have decided to embrace a hybrid model of operation that works on the 80:20 Pareto’s rule approach to all things.

80% of the time employees can work from home (eg 4 days a week) and 20% of the time in the office (eg 1 day a week). This means the company still benefits from building quality internal team relationships between comrades, whilst reducing the time commuting to the office and the costs associated with it, whilst having the ability to work in the office if there are too many distractions at home, to also removing the working world from your home environment and getting all your documents, files, books, paperwork and tools into the office.

Many employees struggled with the cost of commuting to a work environment, especially if it were far away. Only having a 1 day commute to the office has saved us a lot of money, time and energy.

Often, having too many distraction have been an issue for us here at McCall Media, especially due to the nature of our work. YouTube Videos are always being filmed, collaborations are always occuring, and sometimes the noise gets a little too much if you need to really crack on and get something done. Knowing that we can go home for the rest of the week and get this work done really gives us the opportunity to enjoy our time and space in an office. Coming in at 9 and leaving at 5 enables us to have a proper start and end to our day, without working any extra, so we know that when we go home, that’s our work day completed.

All around the world, small businesses are rethinking the way they work. With the global corona virus pandemic slowly easing, we have been introduced to exciting new opportunities in the way we all operate. Many employees have said that functioning remotely has made them more productive, but countless more have struggled with the work life balance.

So, is working from home all what it’s made out to be?

Like we have mentioned above, Angela and her employees have reaped so many benefits from the hybrid business model approach. We’ve really given ourselves the best of both worlds. Here’s a few pros and cons of working in an office vs at home, then we’ll get into a few of the benefits with working 80/20.

Working from home brings employees much more flexibility to their timetable:

• Running errands couldn’t be easier when remote working because you can squeeze them between tasks.

• Interruptions from coworkers in meetings or chitchatting are at an all time low. You are alone a lot of the time so this gives you the space to do your own thing.

• Employees will save money and time from commuting.

• Work can often be done when you are feeling most productive. Many businesses who choose to remote work permanently offer ‘flexi’ time (working the normal hours in a day, but employees have the choice to do these when they want)

• Being able to spend much more time with family in the household is something many workers find wholesome.

On the other hand, there are many challenges people find when functioning in the home environment:

• There are no physical boundaries between working and leisure time, meaning you could be overlapping each, which can damage your mental health either way.

• If remote working, the only form of communication is through technology. Being able to work successfully means you need to be somewhat ‘tech savvy’. Frequently, electronic communications can be misread too.

• Lacking a change of scenery can sometimes lead to bother, therefore a lack of motivation to work well.

• Contact with co-workers is at an all time low when you are remote working alone.

• In-office perks are not a things for people who work at home!

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How do you feel about working in an office?

Before the global pandemic happened, this was the standard, typical procedure for many businesses, not only in the UK, but around the world. Have you embraced the change of lifestyles or have you continued to attend the workplace?

Did you know a lot of employees often prefer the office environment?

• Developing social and collaborative skills couldn’t be easier when in a proper workspace. Working in a team will boost your creativity and confidence significantly.

• Office hours are set, meaning your timekeeping is much easier. Separating work and home life by creating an official start and end to your day is essential for your mental health.

• Communicating with other employees is so easy in an office, just go and have a chat!

• Understanding the business transactions and management is simple when you are physically involved. You will begin to understand the business in a better way.

• Most of the time, when in an office, you get your own space and privacy to keep your things.

Side effects of working in an office full time:

• Injuries are a big factor when working in headquarters. This may sound surprising, but tripping and slipping is a regular occurrence in this office environment.

• Commuting back and from takes time and is an extra expense for each and every employee. Some even have to pay for parking on a daily basis.

• Relationships can be ruined when you have to deal with the same people day in and day out right? You’ve most definitely experienced this.

• Regular distractions. Being among the chatter in the workplace all day everyday can make it hard to get work done to the best of your ability.

• Employees may experience more stress and pressure when working in an office. Productivity is often decreased when people are put under pressure from their superiors.

hybrid business model

Your probably wondering what the 80/20 business model is?

By now, you’ve seen that there are a large variety of advantages and disadvantages when you work in one place throughout the whole work week. It can be tough, right?

We understand that your probably fed up with the same thing, day in, day out. It gets repetitive and we get it, completely.

Here’s our secret: The 80/20 model!. This way of working means that a smaller office will be needed. Performing at home most of the time means that as a small business owner, you don’t need to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, a month for an office. You could even rent out a hot desk (temporary office) for the days you know you ll be in. Separating the days that employees come in mean that the workspace will never be full. Everyone benefits from the privacy but can keep the productivity of working within a quiet environment.

Why we’ve decided to adopt the Hybrid Business Approach

Here at McCall Media, we have chosen to be different.

Whilst everyone is working at home in these hard months, we want to prove to you that working in a Hybrid Business Model removes so many of the negatives we mentioned above. Combining the office and remote working strategies together, you will notice that many of the benefits are increased and the issues you may have been facing could have an easy fix.

Are you in?

As part of a young team, we can confidently say we understand the struggles of commuting to work. It’s expensive, and it takes a lot of time out of your day. Draining isn’t it? Since McCall Media have engaged in a hybrid approach, the team have been able to save on travel costs, but also benefit from the social skills we all gain in an office.

Creating the boundaries between leisure time and working time puts our minds at ease. When you leave the office on the few days you are in, that is when work time ends. Many businesses are banning out of hours emails to help with their employees mental health. Have a look the the interesting article here.

Angela can also saves money. Instead of renting out a whole office permanently, we visit a hot desk twice a week!

We get beneficial alone time, where we can really get stuck in and become productive, and other days where we can collaborate with colleagues to work on other projects. It’s honestly an amazing approach! We’ve been part of this approach for a year!

Lets bring it back to basics. Being part of a hybrid business model, generally, makes employees much happier. You reap all the benefits of remote and office life, but the negatives are completely demolished!

Don’t you want this ease, convenience and comfort?

Finding the best approach for you

Deciding whether a hybrid approach is for your business can take a lot of time to consider. It is a big thing to think about. Make sure to fully educate yourself on the pros and cons of each option, but we highly recommend the 80/20 approach to ensure your workers are as happy as they can be. When employees are happier and less stressed, they do better work.

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