Social Media Card Deck

Here at McCall Media. We have created a Social Media Card Deck. You may be wondering, what exactly is this? Well, today we will be explaining.

You can have a little look and purchase our card deck here.

It is a convenient and well-designed pack of cards that gives you endless social media ideas. It provides suggestions on what you could potentially post on all social media channels.

In this blog article, we will go through:

  1. What sort of content is included in our Social Media Card Deck
  2. How you can get this product from us
  3. Why it can benefit your business and how you could make some yourself

The content in our Social Media Card Deck

In the deck, we have put together 9 topics. Within these 9 topics, there are 6 cards that give you ideas on what you could add to your social media channels.

The 9 different topics we have put together include:

CONVERT your audience

EDUCATE your audience

ENGAGE your audience

ENTERTAIN your audience

EXCITE your audience

GROW your audience

HELP your audience

INSPIRE your audience

MOTIVATE your audience

For example, if you feel like you want to inspire your audience to grow your business further, then 6 idea cards will be provided in the deck for this purpose. If you decide to make your own card deck, you will obviously want something different that will suit your business more. The topic ideas are endless and its all up to you. Get brainstorming!

The whole point in the creation of the Social Media Card Deck is to understand your audience better. The sub-topics we have chosen to include pushes your audience to engage with your brand. This could be commenting, liking or saving your content. It could also mean communicating with your brand and telling people about it.

How can you get this product from us?

It is super simple to purchase our Social Media Card Deck from us. Simply go to our website and choose the ‘Products’ section – you will find the card deck here.

Or, a quicker way would be to click here! This link will take you straight to that page – saving you any hassle at all.

The card deck itself is £15 excluding VAT. Both the postage and packaging comes free with this card deck. Isn’t that good?!

The product is only available to purchase by those people residing on the UK Mainland. If you live outside of here, please do contact us before purchasing. The pack includes:

• 54x Idea / Suggestions Cards

• 1x Instruction Card

• 1x Plastic Clear Box

It’s the perfect product to stop procrastination once and for all. It saves you so much time trying to think of ideas of what to post on your socials. This inspiration can be kept where ever you work so that you always have a quick supply of fun ideas.

social media card deck

The benefits and creation of your own card deck

This Social Media Card Deck comes with a large host of benefits for your business.

The Benefits

• Forget about procrastination. Place these cards on a desk or where ever you work regularly. Keeping them in a place you are around a lot means you are not going to run out of ideas for a long time.

• Avoid the stress of being overwhelmed. If you don’t have any ideas, if often gives you a lot of anxiety. You want to post what your audience love and want to see, right?

• Gain a daily presence online. Being constantly active puts that trust into your customer that you are always there to help.

• Engage your audience regularly. If they love what you post, they will use your products and services. They may even recommend your brand to others.

Creation of your own card deck

We can offer you our services if you come to the conclusion you want to create your own card deck. Whatever you want included in your deck, the design you want, the colors or font or logos, we can help. Chances are, if you are already a client of ours we have all of this for your brand. If not, don’t worry! Sending these over is a basic process.

We can design and create the artwork and design of your whole Social Media Card Deck. Then, we can send this over so you can manage the print process yourself. Alternatively, you can use our trusted print suppliers to manage the whole production process for you.

Check out the prices of these services here. Using our services has a host of benefits, and having a card deck could be that step in the right direction for your business. We can merchandise your brand and provide you with a great final end product. Branching out your business with physical products increases the chance of growth and being seen.


There are a whole host of benefits when creating a Social Media Card Deck. We love the one we’ve created and how we can see it helping others who are in need. If you liked the sound of making your own, do have a look at our services – we’d love to help you as much as we can!

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