YouTube Channel Management

What Are YouTube Management Services?

YouTube channel management services optimise the potential reach and audience engagement for your content.

YouTube channel management is certainly something we have extensive experience within. During the summer of 2020, we launched two YouTube Channels, one to support our design and marketing studios called McCall Media TV and the second to support our Point & Click Puzzle Games subsidiary business venture.

As digital marketers and creators, we, therefore, wanted to know “everything” there is about launching YouTube Channels. Especially, in the most highly populated genres on this social media platform.

By combining our digital marketing, technical abilities and our passion, we are well-positioned to assist you with your own channel’s optimisation, organisation, and video marketing strategies, all from Milton Keynes.

Benefits & Advantages

(Accomplishing greater performance then DIY)

  • Time saved researching and optimising every video
  • Never miss a fan’s comment, and so boost engagement

Cons & Disadvantages

(Working to a schedule, predesigned plan and timeline)

  • Finding a management provider that suites your video content style

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YouTube Channel Management

What do You get with this service from us?

YouTube Video Optimisation
Per Video Fee
£49(ex VAT)
Perfect for Busy Creators
This package is for those who want to remain focused on the content creation, and leave the optimisation, keywords, thumbnail images etc to us.
Time Stamps
End Screens
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YouTube Channel Launch Package
Package Price
£199(ex VAT)
Perfect for Newbies
This package is best suited to those who want to focus on content whilst we manage the channel environment and optimisation
Banner Image (TV, Tablet, Mobile, Monitor)
Profile Picture
Video Watermark
Google Business Account
YouTube Business Channel
Channel Description
Channel Keywords
Channel Links
Channel Contact Information
Upload Default Settings
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YouTube Content Management
Package Price
£199(ex VAT)
Perfect for Business Growth
This package is perfect for those wanting the channel strategy, planning, schedule and organisation managed by us
Primary Authority Topic/Niche
Sub Topics & Playlists
Content Planning
Video Structure/Blue Print
Batch Filming
Batch Processing
Intro's, Outro's, Lower Third's
Background Music / Sound Effects
Lives Streaming Tactics
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YouTube Strategy Coaching
Monthly By Direct Debit
£199(ex VAT)
Perfect for Newcomers
This package is for those looking to fine tune their own skills to be able to Do-It-Themselves
1:1 Presentation & Confidence Coaching
Voice Useage
Background Settings
Location Settings
Tutorial Style Videos
Vlog Style Videos
Business Focused Videos
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