Print Media Design

What are our print design services all about?

Whether you need business cards, t-shirts embroidered, vinyl banners, planners, or merchandise being branded, we can help.

The chances are, as our client, we’ve already got management over your brand image, logos, colour schemes and fonts. Optimising your artwork for print means understanding the requirements of the medium the artwork is being applied to.

For example, the quality of the paper/card stock, will ink bleeding occur, or copy see-through from the other side? Has artwork the correct trim margins for edge to edge printing? Has your embroided logo used 4 colours or less, does the artwork contain the right pixel density per inch and supplied in the correct file format?

We can either design the artwork for you to manage the print process yourself, or we can use one of our preferred and trusted print suppliers and manage the production process for you as well. All from our home in Milton Keynes.

Benefits & Advantages

(Entend the reach of your brand to physical products)

  • If you can imagine it, we can design it, and source the perfect print company to finalise the end prodcut
  • Merchandise your brand
  • Create corporate stationery

Cons& Disadvantages

(Poor quality printers can reduce the impact of your end products)

  • Trying to source your own print suppliers and now knowing what you require.
Print Design

What do You get with this service from us?

The majority of print companies generally work to the same standards such as 3mm bleed margins and dot-per-inch densities. However, some do differ. We’ve our own selection of preferred suppliers, but if you wish us to use a company of your choice, we will need to confirm their print requirements.

Small / Individual Item Design
Package Price
£49(ex VAT)
Perfect for Adhoc Requirements
This package is for adhoc designs, one-off's, such as merchandise item design, leaflets, menus etc
Print Ready Files
Origonal Adobe Artwork Files
Custom Design
Suitable for all Merchandise Products
Suitable for all Stationery Needs
Place Order & Pay in Full
Corporate Stationary Packs
Package Price
£149(ex VAT)
Perfect for Professional Needs
This package is for adhoc startups, or rebrands needing the full suite of corporate stattionery.
Print Ready Files
Origonal Adobe Artwork Files
Custom Design
Business Cards
Letterheaded Stationery
Continuation Paper Stationery
Compliment Slips
Place Order & Pay Deposit
Medium Item Design
Package Price
£149(ex VAT)
Perfect for All Businesses
This package is for adhoc designs design needs that require more "effort" eg Pull-up Banners, Billboard Adverts
Print Ready Files
Origonal Adobe Artwork Files
Custom Design
Example: Pull-Up Banners
Example: Vynal Banners
Place Order & Pay Deposit
Large Item Design
Package Price
£229(ex VAT)
Perfect for All Professional Businesses
This package is perfect for company handbooks, magazines, planners and more time-invested projects
Print Ready Files
Origonal Adobe Artwork Files
Custom Design
Example: Expo Stand Displays
Example: Business Planners
Example: Magazine
Example: Company Handbooks
Place Order & Pay Deposit

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