Email Marketing

What are email marketing services?

Email marketing is about growing a list of prospects and clients that your business can serve through it’s products and services.

But more importantly, it’s an asset for your business that you own.

No matter how successful your social media channels are, overnight they can be turned off, and with it your access to your fans and followers.

But, by luring your audience out of those platforms and into your own mailing list, you can download and securely keep copies of your mailing list as CSV files.

Our services help you with the physical email newsletter creation, scheduling, distribution and more importantly the strategy behind how to grow your list to begin with! You don’t even have to move from your chair, McCall Media will do all this work for you from in Buckinghamshire.

Benefits & Advantages

(Own your audience)

  • No one can shut down or close your list
  • You own it
  • It can become a financial asset of your business
  • Direct line of communication with your prospective clients
  • Low cost to run
  • Engage with fans and followers who’ve requested to stay in touch with you

Cons & Disadvantages

(Use your list or lose it’s power)

  • Use it regularly or lose your subscribers
Email Marketing

What do You get with this service from us?

Weekly Newsletter
Per eNewsletter
£49(ex VAT)
Perfect for Building Know Like Trust Values
This package is perfect to maintain a constant presance in your audiences eyes, keeping them inform and updated.
Custom Style
Responsive HTML Design
Place Order & Pay in FullPlace Order & Pay in Full
Email Automation Campaigns
Package Price
£199(ex VAT)
Perfect for Automating a Series
This package is perfect for those wanting to automate a series of newsletters as part of a sales funnel or tripwire marketing strategy.
Design and Style
Automated Huge Chunks of your Communications
Create Different Trigger Events
Automated campaigns for different client groups
Place Order & Pay in FullPlace Order & Pay in Full

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