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What are Blog Article Publication services?

Blog article publication services not only help with the creation of the articles, but also optimise your outreach.

Content marketing has become a powerful method of promoting your business, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise and luring your prospects to your website when they’ve searched for a solution to a problem that your article solves for them.

However, the act of writing and then publishing your article to your website is only the first step, and sadly it’s the only step many small businesses bother to take.

Our main strategy is to design and optimise the article itself whilst building you a distribution list of places you can promote your article to, both manually and automatically using various online tools and resources. There are so many places we can do this.

We then oversee the distribution process for you and ensure any links back to your site, are monitored to determine the success of your article as the weeks and months pass by since its publication. The list will be made in a simple way so it’s easily readable. We do this all for you from Milton Keynes, so you don’t have to.

Benefits & Advantages

(Free yourself from the repetative task of building and promoting your articles)

  • Circulate your article through the internet
  • Have your article professionally built on your site
  • Freedom to concentrate on just the content creation and it’s quality

Cons & Disadvantages

(Working to a schedule and plan of attack)

  • Lost of creative control
Blog Article Marketing

What do You get with this service from us?

Article Publication & Distribution
Per Article Fee
£49(ex VAT)
Perfect for Busy Entrepreneurs
This package is for busy business owners who want reassurance that their content marketing articles are being professionally styled and distributed for them
(Basic) SEO
Google Submission
Social Sharing
Keyword Research
Image Asset Precurement
Place Order & Pay in FullPlace Order & Pay in Full
Content Marketing Strategy & Management
Package Price
£199(ex VAT)
Perfect for Business Awareness
This package is for small business owners who want a regular article to circulate to ensure public awareness of their company
Content Planning
Re-Purposing Content
Target Audience
Distribution List Creation
Unique Selling Points
Content Formats
Production & Publication Process
Per Quarter/3 Months
Place Order & Pay DepositPlace Order & Pay Deposit

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