YouTube Video Marketing Planner

What is The YouTube Video Marketing Planner?

Made straight from our office in Milton Keynes, our YouTube Marketing Planner is a central location to plan your next quarters videos, working on a publication schedule of 3 video’s per week, of course you can do more or less.

By putting all your thoughts in one location, key word research, timecard stamp notes, other videos you want to link too and from, it helps speed up the optimisation tasks for your video, gives you clarity and direction and prevents that feeling of “what should I post this week”.

With carefully planned content you can grow your authority on a given topic, and create an upward spiral of engagement and not a downward spiral of despair.


(A4 Spiral bound planner)

  • Thick soft touch covers
  • 120gsm internal pages to prevent bleed-through
  • 10 Video Marketing Habits
  • 39x Video Planner Double Page


(Centralise your video marketing agenda)

  • Per video optimisation notes
  • Clarity of content strategy
  • All notes and ideas in one place

What do You get with this service from us?

YouTube Video Marketing Planner
Per Planner
£27(ex VAT)
Perfect for New YouTubers
This planner is perfect for those wanting a central location to structure their YT Channels content, assets, authority and mroe.
108 Pages to help you
39x Double Page Video Planning
Channel Planning Features
Goals & Expectations
Yearly Radar
Channel Authority Planning
Quarterly Focus
Engagement Strategy
Future Topics Board
Lots of advice, guidance and ideas
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Post & Packaging (Shipping)

This product is only available for purchase, by those people residing on the UK Mainland.

Please contact us before purchasing if you live outside of the UK.

Post & packing is free.

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