Print (& Graphic) Design


Print and Graphic design is a very broad topic. Many regular tasks businesses have to engage in are part of their graphic design efforts.

Graphic design plays a vital role in any businesses marketing plan. It especially comes into play within the highly visual areas. These could include social media like Instagram or Pinterest, where images and videos are necessary to create a post.

In this blog article, we will be going through the specifics of Print and Graphic Design within your business and what you need to consider when implementing this into your brand.

  1. What actually is Print and Graphic Design?
  2. Why you need to use Print and Graphic Design in your business
  3. The components of Print and Graphics
print and graphic design planning

What is Print and Graphic Design?

Your Printing and Graphic design efforts are what clients see first when they come to your business. It is the way in which you portray your brand. Doing it right will push you above and beyond your competitors. It is predominant that you make your design distinguishable, professional and unforgettable! The first thing prospects will often notice is your logo on social media, web landing pages, email templates etc. These are all part of your graphics, the way you style things.

People process images so much faster than they do plain text, which is another reason it is vital to get your designs right and portraying what you want them to.

In actual fact, graphic design and printing is known as a form of ‘visual communication’. This means that it transfers information to your audience via your physical designs. Printed design is a part of graphic design, but it is when your work is physically printed onto a surface. Some examples could include a book cover, brochure, poster, shopping bag or label.

Why you need to use Print and Graphic Design in your business

Even if you don’t realize it, the most successful businesses are already using Print and Graphic Design in their marketing efforts. It’s extremely common and is one of the most familiar ways businesses portray their brand and themselves.

A reason why companies should use Print and Graphic design is because it creates a great positive first impression. When a prospect is welcomed with a bright, colorful, branded picture, it grabs their attention immediately. This highlights how important it is to make your graphics the best they can be, because otherwise it could push clients away. For example, you logo needs to accurately present your values so clients knows your purpose.

Furthermore, although being a great first impression, print and graphic design also helps to build your professional image. Once you have made your initial designs and your branding, using common logos and images everywhere within your brand helps with consistency. In time, this will grow your brands identity and clients will recognize you.

Graphic design will also help with effective communication. This is because visual aids are the best way to transfer ideas productively. Creating a positive impression will help you present your message to your prospects.

Higher conversions and building trust is a also a key benefit to getting on top of your graphic and print design. Like we mentioned above, your graphic design efforts help to create a professional image. Therefore, over time, this creates credibility. Convincing your buyers that your services are legit and worth while builds trust. Graphic design helps build your visibility to potential clients, which can lead to higher conversion rates. All of the above efforts work to improving your revenue.

The components of Print and Graphics

There are a number of different things that come under Print and Graphic Design.


This is what goes into great graphic design. It includes:

• Colour

• Texture

• Shape

• Typography

You have to understand what your customers want and how you are going to get to that goal.

Technical Skills

There are a number of Graphic Design programs that businesses need to become confident in, so that they can meet all of their goals. Being able to make professional looking designs will make the difference between a good and bad marketing department. Understanding formats, sizes, how and where to save things, how to deal with proportions and briefs also determine how well your graphic design skills are.


Overall, understanding what Graphic and Print design is, and how you can get on top of it within your business can really help build conversions and find new clients. It is an important part of the growth stage within a business, so don’t ignore it.

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