Our Honesty Pricing & Transparency Policy

If you are shopping on price,
then don’t forget,
you’ll buy twice!

As the owner of a small studio and agency operating in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, I believe in our work, our standards and our ethos to be a morally honest company.
To serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to deliver above their expectations.

That’s why I’ve taken the confident decision to be 100% transparent about our pricing policy.

I spent 4 years at university (2000-2004) studying this trade and profession (resulting in £20k of student debt), have regularly updated my skills with industry qualifications, and have spent more than two decades mastering my trade, growing my skills and experience as a freelancer on the front line, working all hours of the day and night. There is a vast difference between a professional who is always investing in their self-evolution and a wannabe amateur who has done a quick online course, and can offer to do it for less!


If your first priority in choosing an agency is the price over quality, then we’re not a good match!

There is always someone who can do it cheaper – but at what cost!

Good Fast Cheap

Services, Packages, Products & Retainers

Popular (Packaged) Services

A number of our most popular services have been “packaged” as a set price for a quick and easy understanding of what we can offer. We’ve worked hard to ensure, that they are great value for money for our prospective and current clients.

Retainer (Packaged) Contracts

As a studio, we like to work as your own in-house (yet out-sourced) design team. Often the bridge between hiring employee’s and constantly seeking the services of multiple freelancers. As such our retainer packages are extremely lucrative for small businesses to utilise, minimalising overheads and liabilities, whilst benefiting from a strong relationship, built over a period of time as we each grow in the relationship. As such your tasks always jump to the front of our to-do list and take priority. The work will be done for you, by us in Milton Keynes, whilst you are in the comfort of your own office.

Labour + Materials = Bespoke Quotes

Labour Fees

For adhoc work or one-off projects that don’t fit into one of our pre-packaged services, pricing will be calculated at a rate of between £60 and £90 per hour + vat, depending on the complexity of the tasks and the skill set it demands.

Suppliers & Materials

Any services needed from third-party suppliers (e.g. WordPress plugins, API providers) or any materials we need to purchase (e.g. in printing services) will always be itemised on your quote, so you can clearly see these external costs.

Bespoke Quotes

We can adapt any packaged service or retainer contract to meet your exact needs. Our quotes remain valid for 30 days and will be split 20:40:40. 20% deposit, 40% on work starting, 40% on delivery.

1:1 Strategy or Coaching Sessions

If you want to DIY but just need the clarity and focus that comes from a personalised strategy session that devises a digital marketing funnel that works specifically for you and your business, then my hourly rate is £120ph + vat.