Plugins for WordPress to Prevent Spam to Your Website


Preventing spam for your WordPress website is a relatively simple task to do. There are many plugins that we will discuss within this blog article. All tools mentioned can be downloaded straight onto your website. They start immediately.

Some you can get are free, whilst others come at a small price. Which one you choose depends on your business and what you want to get out of the plugin.

The blog article will include information on the following tools:

  1. Askismet
  2. Anti-Spam Bee
  3. Spam Destroyer
  4. WordPress Zero Spam
  5. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
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Askismet is one of the most popular anti-spam plugins for WordPress in this day and age. The reason it performs so good is because it works as a centralized server. Because of this, it constantly and thoroughly checks for unwanted spam messages.

The plugin was created by the same people who created WordPress itself. They are called Automattic. You don’t ever have to worry about compatibility and updates, becuase WordPress will automatically update the plugin. The only possible issue that could come with using Askismet is that if the server fails to connect to the centralized one, then your website might be vulnerable to spam messages.

Askismet is free from the WordPress repository, however, if you want it for commercial use, then it will be between $5-50 per month. With the plugin getting rid of the fake comments, you can spend all your time and energy moderating the real comments.

Anti-Spam Bee

Like Askismet, Anti-Spam Bee works in the same way. It is an easy solution to all unwanted spam messages on your WordPress website. Not only is it reliable and effective in doing so, it also keeps the IP addresses of the spammers, so that they can’t enter your domain again. Similarly to Askismet, it works along a centralized server, with a built in notification system.

These notifications are used to keep you posted on all the spam comments on your website. This plugin is free and is available in the WordPress repository. Having a plugin active that filters out the spam comments saves you time to actually work on your business.

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer is just like the other plugins mentioned above. It is easy to use and is very straightforward. Just like we’ve mentioned before, just install the plugin and enjoy your website without the hassle of spam comments. The plugin itself doesn’t add any fields, which means real users who are enjoying your content can comment real things.

Spam Destroyer is totally free to use and install.

WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam stops malicious users from commenting spam. Once you’ve installed it, it’s relatively simple to use and navigate about. This software uses both AI and spam detection techniques. They find unwanted visitors, where ever they are, and then block them.

There are no moderation queues, and it is totally free to use. This plugin uses multiple detection techniques, so you can block as many spam comments as possible.

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This plugin works just like the rest. It’s easily found and installed into WordPress to stop any spam comments overflowing your website. Usually spam can overflow and take over the real comments. So, having something that removes these unnecessary things will help you to organize your business website.

It is free to use and find!


Overall, there are many different tools and plugins to choose from that could help you grow your business website and remove all of the unnecessary comments. Have a better research into all of these tools to see which ones could suit your needs.

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