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We can guarantee that 9/10 businesses, small or large, use Microsoft Office. It is quick, easy and efficient. If you don’t have a proper understanding of the software, don’t worry – we’ll give you the necessary knowledge you need to understand the ins and outs of the MS program.

Released in 1990, this software drives for productivity, both at home and in the workplace. It is a simple way to organize yourself within your business.

In this blog article, we will be going over some necessities you need to know when working with this software.

  1. What is Microsoft Office and The Programs Involved
  2. How Using Microsoft Office will benefit your business
  3. Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office

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What is Microsoft Office and The Programs Involved

Microsoft Office is described, by Microsoft, as a ‘family of client software’. It is a large group of programs and applications that were made to work together. It was created in order to be used both at home and in the workplace.

All of the programs were created with a similar design, to keep the branding consistent. Microsoft have made it cheaper to get the whole ‘suite’ of applications together, rather than by themselves.

There are a number of different editions you buy, dependent on what applications suit you. The prices of each edition vary, because the programs differ. We will list some of the editions below.

  1. Home & Student
  2. Home & Business
  3. Professional
  4. Standard
  5. Professional Plus

Subscription based services are also available on Microsoft Office 365.

The applications that are included within MS Office are:

  1. Word – For text based documents.
  2. PowerPoint – Presentation graphics program, to create slide shows.
  3. Excel – A spreadsheet document for numerical data.
  4. Outlook – An email and personal information management program.
  5. Access – Database management system.
  6. Publisher – Desktop published program, more complex than using Word.
  7. OneNote – A note organizing program.
  8. InfoPath – Creating and distributing electronic forms.
  9. Lync – Instant messaging application.

How Using Microsoft Office will benefit your business

Microsoft Office is known for its ease of use. It can really help boost your business productivity.

• Once downloaded and paid for, the software is accessible whenever and wherever. Because the programs are saved onto the Cloud, as long as you have Internet Access, you can get cracking! You can even acquire 5 different devices per user, that can be synced. Being able to get to your files from wherever you are bring a great benefit to your business.

• Working in a team collaboratively is put to ease when using Microsoft Office. Comunication can flow if your whole business team is using the same software. Tools needed to communicate with your team are given to you when you install the suite. Furthermore, you are also given access to view, edit and work on the same documents as your coworkers.

• The Microsoft Office program is always kept up to date. These updates are completed regularly and automatically, with no extra charge. Not having to worry about paying extra update fees can really put you to ease.

• Like we mentioned earlier, there are a number of editions you can choose from before purchasing. Having the ability to choose which one suits your business needs provides you with some flexibility. There is no contract you have to pay either, apart from your monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office


• Work from anywhere if you have internet access. This is great if you tend to move locations within your business.

• Productivity within the company is boosted. Collaborating with your team is easier, so it saves more time to actually work. Also, automatic updates gives you more time to focus on your projects.

• Security risks are reduced with many protective features. Microsoft Office contains data loss protection, threat intelligence, mobile device management, and advanced security.

• There are many plans to choose from, and you can tailor each one to your business needs.


• An internet connection is always needed to access your files.

• Although Microsoft try to keep their services as secure as possible, it can be difficult to ensure all the security features mentioned above are always working.

• Sometimes there are compatibility issues. If you have an old system, sometimes Microsoft Office might not run properly on it. There are ways around it, although it can be costly and time consuming.

• Online applications sometimes have limited features. Often, the loss of this functionality can make working online particularly tricky.


Overall, Microsoft Office is a great software to use within your business. It is so easy to use and setup, so its definitely worth purchasing if you are just starting your business. Even if you have been running for a while, and don’t use MS, you should definitely look into it!

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