3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Mailing List using LinkedIn

Get 1000 Contacts in 5 minutes effort! 

We will break down a simple marketing strategy that uses LinkedIn events to grow your mailing list. The LinkedIn events tool is a great way to gain GDPR contacts (people who already know and trust you) in the form of a CSV file that is compatible with CRM, Mailing List and Outlook Software programmes. 

This strategy is divided into three easy to follow sections: Event Creation, Promote and Invite, Download Recipients CSV. 

LinkedIn Mailing List

Step 1. Event Creation

This step is the simple activity of using LinkedIn to populate your email marketing lists. Firstly, make sure you select your LinkedIn business page rather than the company profile page. Click the plus sign to create a new event. From here, you can change the event header and images to fit your brand. Next, fill out the name, time, and event description boxes.

Now it’s time to tag your speakers, we strongly recommend doing this to maximise the outreach of both the event and your company in general. This will make your event appear on all your speaker’s profiles meaning all their contacts will also be exposed to your event. Remember, LinkedIn is a networking tool, the more you network the more successful your event will be. Make sure you select a public event; if it’s private, no one will see it. 

This next step is the most important of all. Above all, make sure you select the LinkedIn registration form and populate it with your privacy policy. This enables you to download attendee details which we’ll expand upon in step 3. Simply copy the URL of your privacy policy into the box. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your privacy policy is legitimate and will protect you. 

Furthermore, select the location of your event. This will depend on whether your event is an online meeting or face to face. If the address is offline, provide a physical address. If your event is online, provide a broadcast or network link. Now your event is published be sure to share it on your company’s profile page. Lastly, embrace those hashtags, we recommend using between 3-5 to maximise outreach. 

Step 2. Promote and Invite

Now you’ve successfully published your event it’s time to promote it by inviting people to attend. Select the area, company or genre of people you want to invite. In our example, we searched for companies based in Milton Keynes. At the top left is a checkbox that populates 50 invitations based on your search filter.

Here is the magic trick, if you keep scrolling down the list will continue to populate until a maximum of 1000 contacts have been selected. The refresh rate can be quite slow therefore we recommend holding the down arrow on your scroll bar to speed up the process.

Once you can no longer scroll you have reached the maximum number of contacts. This process can be repeated using different search criteria, for example changing the location to Aylesbury until you reach the 1000 contact threshold. Utilise this technique to maximise your potential outreach. Note, once you reach 1000 invites you will no longer be able to send invitations until seven days have elapsed. 

LinkedIn Mailing List

Step 3. Download Recipient CSV

A CSV is a comma-separated file that categorises data by separating all values by a comma. This makes the data easily interchangeable between companies and software programmes. Using a CSV, you will compile the data collected from all your invites. At the left of the events page, you want to click the button that says download attendee registration details.

This file will open in Excel by default, if you are using a different software programme, we recommend saving the file before downloading. Next, check your download folder and you should see a CSV file. The file title is formatted by name of the event, and the dates from which the data was collected. Open the file in Excel and you will see all the data has been formatted into rows and columns. You can delete columns to tidy up the data, you are only interested in company names, and peoples first and last names. 

Now you have a CSV file, you can upload it to your Outlook contacts or email marketing software. The file is also compatible with CRM and sales systems such as Active Campaign and Salesforce. 

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Step 1

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Step 3

LinkedIn Event CSV File - How to use LinkedIn Events to Grow Your Mailing List in 2022 (part 3/3)

Just by using this simple strategy, you can increase your email marketing list by up to 1000 new contacts. However, you must follow up on this growth with an effective marketing campaign that utilises these new contacts to maximise exposure and nurture trust. If you need help, give McCall Media Ltd a call!

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