Lead Magnets


A lead magnet is something a company uses to draw in customers. In short terms, a lead magnet happens when contact details of prospects are given in return for a free product or service. Some examples include free trials, consultations, samples, training or webinars.

Gaining attention on the web, let alone customers, can be strenuous for businesses. Often, they become disheartened if strategies don’t work immediately. The key to a successful lead magnet is patience.

In this blog article, we will be talking over a number of consideration points about lead magnets.

  1. Pros and Cons of Lead Magnets
  2. The Benefits to your Business
  3. Why Lead Magnets Work and Some Examples

Pros and Cons of Lead Magnets


• Everyone loves free stuff, right? Looking into products and finding out you can get them for free or trial them will intrigue your customers.

• With services like courses and videos, they deliver a lot of value. The customer is interacting with your brand over a period of time. This means they develop more of a relationship with your brand.

• A lot of lead magnets are relatively straightforward to produce. Most can be used repeatedly with simple changes.

• A lot of products like webinars offer some sort of ‘face-to-face’ interaction – which creates a connection with your prospects. You can pre-record things like this so you know you’ll always be on top of your tasks.


• Mailing/sending out a lot of free products and services can get quite expensive for a company.

• Services such as courses, ebooks and videos can take some time to complete. Prospects might not want to commit too much time, possibly turning them away.

• The back-end work when creating these products can be very time-consuming. This takes time away from properly working on your business.

• Although sending off products can be costly, actually creating them can be expensive too. Especially when you get no sort monetary value from it.

• Ensure that you are providing the value to your customers that you promised. If not, they may not want to interact with you again.

The Benefits of Using Lead Magnets in Your Business

There are a whole host of advantages that lead magnets can bring to your business. Providing free products/services to your customers lets them know that you are not trying to get their money. You are aiming toward a good relationship with them. Keeping this connection really helps for the future of a business.

Furthermore, lead magnets gives you the chance, as a business, to prove that you are experts in your field and you are here to help. Being able to prove that you can help your customers plays a big part in whether they decide to pay for your services in the future.

Having a lead magnet helps to build your email list. This is the best way to build a relationship with your customers as they are receiving important information from you. Also, it gives them the chance to have access to products/services that aren’t available to anyone else yet.

Building your lead magnets provides credibility and trust to your business. When you create that trust within your customers, they are more likely to recommend your services elsewhere, potentially establishing a larger audience.

Why Lead Magnets Work

Lead Magnets are essential for your digital marketing efforts. They are crucial in building your email list, creating relationships, and increasing sales. Driving awareness of your brand to consumers is a vital goal, however, it is hard to track the success of these endeavours.

Lead magnets are perfect for keeping a tab on this progress. Not only are they great for customers, seeing their commitment to you by filling out forms with their email address proves their seriousness to your business.

Some Examples of Lead Magnets

There are hundreds of different things businesses use as lead magnets. Some take longer to create than others. What you provide to your customers solely depends on how much you can afford to produce and deliver to them.

A good lead magnet will solve real problems for your consumers. They will be specific, quick and easy to assimilate. Each magnet should also be of high value and easily accessible.

Some examples include:

• Checklists. These are quick and simple to create. They are also easy to maintain. Every bit of information the consumer needs to know is condensed down into one list.

• Samples. These lead magnets are great for business who offer physical products, but can still be utilized for online businesses. Samples demonstrate exactly what your products are offering so your customers know exactly what to expect.

• Training Videos. These are great in gaining a relationship with your audience.

• Templates. Offering a starting point for your audience can really entice them in. Often, the starting point of a task can be daunting, so getting this done for your customers can be extremely beneficial.

• Trial. Providing these before they buy can help customers understand what they are being given.


Overall, lead magnets should be used by every business. They bring a great deal of advantages and benefits to not only your business, but your customers. Researching into different methods you could use will ensure that you are doing something that suits your business well.

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