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In our previous blog articles, we have gone over everything regarding lead magnets and a bit on websites. We will talk you through it roughly again, but the blog we’ve linked above goes into much more detail, that might be beneficial to you.

Generally speaking, a lead magnet is a relatively simple process to understand. A business will offer their clients a free service or product in return for their contact details, ideally their email addresses. This is so smaller business can grow their email list, and potentially increase the traffic getting to their website.

Hitting your target audience might be difficult at first, but offering something that is really ideal to them will help tremendously.

In this blog article, we will be going through:

  1. Why you should try different Lead Magnets
  2. Examples of Lead Magnets for your website
  3. How to create an engaging Lead Magnet

lead magnets on a website

Why you should try different Lead Magnets

No matter what lead magnet you choose to create, if done well, they are really engaging and can bring in many new prospects. They have the capacity to reel in a massive amount of attention, even in a short period of time. The reason lead magnets on your website are so engaging is because you are facing your customers issues straight on. Solving this issue for a customer can be irresistible.

If the lead magnet you use on your website is very specific and aims for a specific audience, these people will more than likely already be interested in the service you are offering. If these people want to learn more about your business, it means that your lead magnet is producing quality leads. What a great advantage to your company growth.

Generally, when you put a lead magnet in or on your website, it provides a lot of value and backup that your work is great. Its an amazing way to show your clients that you are an expert in your field. By offering them an example of your work, you are showing them you want to create a relationship, not just money. Most lead magnets you can put on your website are shareable as well, so you can put multiple services into one.

Examples of Lead Magnets for your website

The best part about lead magnets is the fact you can make what you want, when you want. Whether this is information or entertainment.

A good first example of a lead magnet you can put onto your website would include content ‘bait’. This is basically anything that is of value to your prospects, and gives them a reason to use your business. This could be visual, like images and info graphics, videos like tutorials or courses, and text documents, such as reports and how-to-guides. Giving clients the answers to their issues in return for a simple email address is a great ‘trade’.

To put this onto your website, put a form or button where they can enter their details. From here, you can automate an email to them with the free service. This can be integrated into your website somewhere obvious to a customer, or as a pop up.

Anther way of attracting leads is to integrate a quiz into your website. Gaming principles allow your prospects to enjoy the ‘lead magnet’ process. You could create a quiz that is interactive, and then their email might be asked for so you can send an email series regarding the answers to the quiz.

Creating live demo videos or instruction documents eliminate that fear when the customers are unsure in what they are doing. If you provide these people with a ‘question and answer’ session – it shows that you have great customer care. Let them choose things like dates, times and ways of communication. Once they are engaging, you know the lead magnet for your website is working.

How to create an engaging Lead Magnet

Giving your lead magnet a suitable name will attract prospects. If its boring or uninteresting, it won’t. Telling your audience how they can get from one point to another is a great way of gaining their attention! For example, how they can get them from point A to point B using our free service.

Making sure that the lead magnet you use on your website is clear and concise is another way of showing your audience that you are a professional in your field. What you are offering to them needs to be obvious so they exactly what they’re getting into.

Using actionable text is great on your website lead magnet. Using a call to action is giving your audience something to do, so they know the exact path they need to follow in order to get what they want from your business.


In conclusion, having an engaging lead magnet within your website can help convert prospects to clients in no time. Using the skills and knowledge we have mentioned above, you’ll now be able to create the perfect lead magnet to go onto your website, ensuring you make the most of your ability to get new people into your business.

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