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Growing your email list is extremely beneficial for your business, and you can do so with a lead magnet. If you manage to get a prospects contact details, then you can begin advertising your business to them, which in time, can advance your company.

Lead magnets are one thing you could use to develop your email list. A lead magnet is when a free service or product is given to a customer, in return for their contact details. This method is great to create sales leads.

In this blog article, we will be going over a few different consideration points regarding lead magnets:

  1. How Lead Magnets Work
  2. How Lead Magnets work to Grow your Email List
  3. A bit about our Lead Magnet Ebook

lead magnet for growing your email list

How Lead Magnets Work

Like we have mentioned above, a lead magnet is an incentive that marketers use within a company to reel in prospects. Potential buyers are offered a free product or service, and in return, they exchange their contact details. These contact details can include an email address.

From here, the business can keep in contact with the prospect and advertise their products and services to them. Potentially, this provides a chance for you to gain another customer and sell more.

Some examples of lead magnets digitally include downloadable content. This may include things like PDF guides, ebooks, reports, videos and more. Physically, if you run a shop, you might want to give potential clients samples of your products. Many businesses who operate online will need to create and use a lead magnet at some point. It is one of the most common ways to generate an online business. Lead magnets that ask for your email work well because someones email address is quite personal. Clients will not give it up easily, so if they do, you know your incentive was great!

How Lead Magnets work to Grow your Email List

Email Marketing is one of the most effective strategies in growing your business. It’s important in building relationships with your clients and potential customers. Email is supposed to be much more effective than social media, meaning you really have to focus down on how you are communicating with people in your database to make sure it is friendly and personal.

It is important that you send a good amount of emails, and at the right times. If you send too many, people will get bored and might unsubscribe to your business. Also, if it is not including the information that they are interested in, they won’t be intrigued. Obviously the content has to be relevant, but another important factor is including a call-to-action. It’s important to include this in your email to persuade people to click where we want them too.

There are a few different things that should be included in your lead magnet. It should be solving a real problem and issue for your customers. It should be easily achievable for your clients, as well as specific and easy to read through.

We will now give you some examples of lead magnets you could use to grow your email list specifically, but if you want more, have a look at the ebook we are creating!

  1. Separate an e-learning course into small chunks. Send these out to your prospects one-by-one to keep them intrigued.
  2. Provide customers with a cheat sheet on how to do something that they are intrigued in.
  3. Create a planner for your audience to use to keep them organized for future events.
  4. The most basic lead magnet is offering a discount off your products or services.
  5. Printable’s for your prospects to use in their own business to make things easier.
  6. Workbooks or worksheets which your clients can work through in order to make their work load easier for a specific task.

A bit about our Lead Magnet E book

We are in the process of creating an E book regarding lead magnets and questions business owners ask when starting their company up. It contains questions business owners need to ask if they want to grow their email address, how to brand, and questions you need to ask when you want a website designed.

This ebook would be great or people who have their own business or for those who are marketing one.


Overall, whatever lead magnet you choose to create in order to grow your email list is up to you. They are relatively simple to make and come up with, but persistence is key. It will only work if you put your mind to it. Don’t overload your clients with too many emails when you eventually get their address, because that could really push them away. Do some in depth research into some possible ideas that could work for you, and see what you can come up with.

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