How to Share logins to Supplier Websites using Last Pass


Sharing your logins through LastPass makes it incredibly easy and safe to gain access to your clients websites and social channels. It is one of the safest ways to go about doing work for clients because they don’t need give up any personal or private passwords and information.

In this blog article, we will be going over some necessary information about sharing logins and using LastPass:

  1. What is LastPass?
  2. How to Share details in LastPass

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a system that allows you to share logins with anyone you like, without having to give up your actual password. Once a password has been shared with you on the system, you can use it whenever. An advantage of the software is that it keeps the password hidden from the user.

Another great thing about using this software is that once you are logged into your account, you can gain access from whatever device you are on.

There are 3 different plans that you can choose from: free, premium and family. They also have busines plans that are available: MFA, Teams, Enterprise and Identity. Whatever plan you decide to choose will be based on what your client needs doing and how you are willing to do this.

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How to Share details in LastPass

Using the password manager is easy. First, you have to download the LastPass app and then the extension onto your chosen device.

From here, you have to make an account with a strong master password. This one needs to be remembered as to view all other saved passwords, you will have to login to your account each time with the master.

From here, you can access your account and view your vault. The vault is where you can add, view and manage all of the items that you have saved onto LastPass.

For you to share any of the saved passwords to a supplier website, all you need to do is share the password through an email once you have consent and permission. The person who sent the email then needs to accept the shared data. From here, when you go onto the website you need the password too, a little button should appear on the side if you have downloaded the extension. When pressed, it will then fill in the username and password automatically, although you won’t be able to view it.


Overall, LastPass is a very beneficial and easy tool to use. We recommend you give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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