How to set up Google Keyword Alerts – and why they help you


Creating an alert in the Google Keyword software is a relatively simple task. In this blog article, we will be going through exactly how to do so, as well as what Google Keywords is and why it can help your business. There are numerous different things you’ll need to know about the software.

  1. How to set up Google Keyword Alerts
  2. Why Google Keywords helps you

How to set up Google Keyword Alerts

Setting up Google Keyword Alerts is a relatively simple task to carry out, which is why this blog article will be quite short. It has been created so that you get a notification when new topics show on a Google Search, meaning you can jump on the bandwagon and use the keywords.

To begin the process, you need to go to Google Alerts on Google. From here, there will be a box at the top of the page. Here, you can enter any topic that you want to follow. It’s best to choose ones related to your business that you can use in your own work and products to advertise yourself.

From here, you can change your settings. If you press on the ‘Show Options’ button, there are a number different things you can change. Some of the changeable options include:

• When you get notifications

• Language

• What accounts get alerts

Editing an alert is easy enough too. All you have to do is click ‘Edit’ when you go onto Google Alerts. From here, go into your options (like above) and then make the changes you want. After this, you can click ‘Update Alert’. Deleting it is just as basic. Simply click on the alert you want to remove and press delete.

Why Google Keywords helps you

Google Keywords can really push your business up on Google Search rankings. It sometimes works quicker than SEO. Google Keywords provides a strategy to generate more traffic and leads to businesses who use the keywords from the software.

With the software, you can focus on multiple different keywords at a time, which can save you a lot of time to work on your business.

Google Keywords is also a great tool to increase brand awareness. When you use keywords and SEO strategies properly, your business should become more well known.

The software can help your business in a number of other ways.

• You can tackle your competition so much better when you use keywords.

• You can constantly measure your performance.

• Connect with visitors from your website.


Overall, there are numerous reasons why using Google Keywords can benefit your business. Have a little research into the software and see how you get on.

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