How to Keep on Top of your Social Media


Keeping on top of the social media for your business can seem like a hefty task. Maybe you don’t have enough time in the day dedicated to your channels? Potentially, you’re unsure on what to post to get the best engagement possible.

We are here to help. We’ll make it simple to understand and how you can set yourself realistic goals.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss:

  1. Staying on-top of ever changing social media
  2. How you can stand out on social media

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Staying on-top of ever changing social media

The problem is in the title. Social media is changing all the time. There are constantly new rules and popular trends. Being a business on social can be difficult, especially if your profession doesn’t change much.

Social Media Blogs

Our first tip to keep in contact with the constant switching is subscribing to social media blogs, sort of like this one. These will include all of the necessary, recent changes in social media so you know what to post, when, and how. Some changes that are made on social quite consistently are updates to actual apps, features changing and functionalities will differ.

The job of a social media blog is to provide business owners, like you, with the fresh updates. Within this information, not only will they give you updates on the new features, they will give you tips you can apply in your business efforts.

Join Groups

Joining LinkedIn and Facebook groups regarding social media for small businesses can also be handy. Typing in ‘social media’ on the ‘Group’ search options will list you with relevant results. You should try and find ones that have a good amount of members, because ones with only a small amount might not post regular updates. Being able to debate and question other users on a topic will also help you decide what to post on your social media channels.

Business Events

Participating in various business events gives you the chance to learn form your competitors and get ideas from them. There are thousands around the world. Joining one for 6 months to see what it is all about is ideal, and if it isn’t working for you, there are plenty more to choose from. Attending one of these events can really put you on the band-wagon to the freshest social media posts out there. Checking the line-up of the events, how many people are attending, the topics they are discussing and recommendations from other participants will help you choose the right group for your business.

How you can stand out on social media

Choosing Social Networks

Picking the right social networks for you and your business is one of the ways you can stand out on social media. Have a research into each channel and see which one could work best for your company and what you do for work. Get to know how you can market your products and services on each platform. Understanding who your target audience is will help in deciding what place to put your products. Choose ones where they are most active.

Some platforms are better for products where you want to promote via images, such as Instagram or Pinterest, whereas Facebook and LinkedIn are used more professionally, and mostly via text posts and polls.

Taking Inspiration From Others

Furthermore, another way you can stand out on social media is by taking inspiration from others that are similar to you. If you are totally stuck on what to post, or what you have been doing hasn’t been working, using what your competitors are doing could help tremendously. Have a look at channels that have worked out and are growing rapidly, so you can take some tips and tricks from them. Remember to not completely copy them.

Contacting your Audience

In addition to this, getting in contact with your audience can be a great way for them to give you advice. Let them talk about what they do and don’t like so that you can adapt and personalize your approach. This helps both you and them, and it lets prospects know that your business is there for them and you are worth trusting for providing resources.

Obviously, you want to be the guru in your industry, but sometimes, your target audience might require someone else’ services. Being able to recommend that proves that you are reliable. Letting them know that you are providing them with the most useful tools, even if this isn’t using your business, supplies them with a level of trust. This means they will more than likely contact you again or look into your products and services as a thank you.


Overall, there are many ways you can get on top of your social media presence, not just the ones we’ve covered in this article. Understand that it may take time for you to grow on these channels, so patience is key. We hope you get where you want to be!

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