How to Explore Google Trends to find Content for Your Social Media Marketing Channels


Google Trends is a simple online software to use. It allows the user to view searches that are trending at that moment in time to ensure that you can gain the most traction possible on posts that you put out. It is good to follow these search results because that is what is popular at that time. If it is trending, it is more likely to increase engagement.

This blog article will talk about a number of different topics:

  1. Using Google Trends
  2. Why it is beneficial to follow Google Trends

Using Google Trends

When you enter the Google Trends web page, you will be welcomed with a number of different sub-sections. The site even provides you with some examples of trending searches on the home page.

Navigating around the website is a relatively simple task. You can enter a term, which will show trending information on the topic you put in. There is an ‘Explore’ section, ‘Trending Searches’, ‘Year in Search’ and ‘Subscriptions’. Choose whatever section you need dependent on what your goal is. In this case, we will be looking into the ‘Trending Searches’ sections, because it provides you with popular hot topics in the moment, that will give you ideas for content on your socials. Focusing your content on topics like this can help you narrow down what you should post, and where.

Google Trends gives you a number of popular searches to have a peek at. Some include daily trending searches, real-time search trends and search by country. Having this option is great for business owners, like you, to narrow down your content to acquire as much engagement as possible.

Keeping on top of these ever changing subjects will keep all of your social media content fresh. Individuals using social media want to see information on topics that are becoming popular. So, keeping your eye on Google Trends regularly will help you produce the best content possible.

Why it is beneficial to follow Google Trends

Google Trends isn’t any normal SEO tool. It’s super handy for a number of people in a number of different fields. If you are a business owner, understanding the timescales of trends for certain things will keep your social media at the top of its game.

This online program is becoming increasingly popular for marketers to use in there goal to increase traffic to their site. It is great to understand what search terms to use for your SEO strategy, as well as your content marketing plan. If you understand who your target market are, it’ll be facile to see what they are looking at. Once you know what your target clients are searching for, selecting your content will be effortless.

Although Google Trends is extremely advantageous for socials, it also holds its own benefits for blog articles like this on your website. Writing about trending topics will urge traffic there.


Overall, there are a number of different options available to you when using Google Trends. Depending on what social media channel you want to post on, what blog article you want to write or how you can tailor your content, Trends has been put in place to ease these everyday struggles.

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