how to Create a distribution list and promote your blog


There are a number of ways when it comes to getting engagement for your blog article. Identifying a distribution list that suits your business should be the first thing you think about once your blog is written.

In this post, you will learn how to create a distribution list, choosing what ones work best for your business. It will also include:

1. What it is

2. Email Software

3. Where you can find them

4. Social Bookmarking Sites

5. The Best Way

What it is

A distribution list is a catalog of places where you can get your blog article promoted. They are usually free. Paid options are also available, but this article will solely be discussing the free options.

Hundreds of options are available online and physically. Social media is the most common distribution list that people use. However, not enough businesses are making the move and creating accounts. This means that they are missing out on endless possibilities and opportunities to grow their companies.  

Promotion of your content and finding the best places to do so are equally important. Businesses need to research what will work best for them. To begin finding the best places to advertise, find out exactly who your audience is. You can then tailor the way in which you make all of your content and where you need to advertise.

using an email software

An email software is a place where a business is able to keep a list of all subscriber’s email addresses. This way, each time an email is sent, it can go to a whole list at once.

This saves a lot of time for your business, so it is worth thinking about. A process like this comes hand-in-hand with building your content and being able to put together the list to begin with. Gaining a larger audience means you can put together a bigger list. The more prospects being exposed to your materials increases the chances of engagement, making this step is absolutely crucial.

Email marketing will be discussed in more detail nearer the end of the blog.


Locating where your blog could be promoted is part of making distribution list.

To start, a place you can promote your blog content is social media. This is the most common area that business’s start with, although a lot struggle at first.

Focus on what channels you want to join and where your company ‘fits’ best. Some may be Facebook and LinkedIn; others may be Instagram and Pinterest.  

distribution list in Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place for physical content. Short clips, pretty pictures and infographics.

Physical content like this is extremely eye-catching to the reader. Use colour schemes that are similar to the ones of your company. This way, users will know its you. Also use the same tone/voice as you would on your website. You should attract a similar sort of audience. 

Instagram and tumblr

Instagram and Tumblr are places similar to Pinterest, where you can post pictures and appealing content. 

They are places to collaborate with other users that share similar interests to you. For every blog post that you put together, create a post for either Tumblr or Instagram. Use hashtags, similar to Twitter, which will drive more traffic to your content.


LinkedIn groups are a fabulous way to interact and share posts with people of similar interests to you. 

Businesses interested in your work will often share content similar to yours, so this is a perfect place to promote your blog to gain proper, professional engagement. 

Usually, users on this site will give you detailed advice on how to make your work better, as well as pros and cons for the future.


Facebook groups are similar to LinkedIn ones. It is a place for people, similar to you, to share their content and allow others to reference from it.

Before advertising your work on this site, engage with groups to see how they usually interact with one another. Once you have started some conversation, you can start sharing your own content. 

On these channels, you can repurpose all of your work, and post content regarding everything you do. This way, your audience will get an insight to what your content could be about. They will also be able to find where you are putting this if they wish to read further.


Twitter is a great social media app to gain engagement and find an audience.

If you share you content multiples times on this app, using hashtags, the lifetime of the tweet will increase. Hashtags link to other tweets that have used the same one, meaning you are becoming part of a big ‘conversation’. More people are likely to see it and may want to view your work.  

Wooden block with figure on it connecting to other figure blocks

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are great because users can save content, and then repost the parts that they enjoy the most.

This work could be yours they are reposting, potentially leading to more clients!

Content like stories, videos, images and text can be used on these sites. Users can keep a collection of work pieces in a group they create. This way, hey can be easily revisited.

The more people who do this, the more exposure a particular post will get. So, it’s important that you are in on this secret!

Reddit and Flipboard are the most common social bookmarking sites. Sharing content on these are quite similar and consists exactly of what was explained above.  

A few more examples of smaller bookmarking sites that may suit your business include Zest, BizSugar, ManageWP and Hacker News. These all contain a large audience with much variety. You are bound to find a viewer that is suited perfectly for the content that you are creating.  

A distribution list: the best way

It has been said that email marketing is one of the best ways that you can promote a blog article.

This is because you are completely connected to your audience. It is very easy to get in touch and keep in constant contact with them. All you need is their email address, and to do so, you need to create a simple way for prospects to give you it. 

Creating the list

Firstly, create a list on your website or whatever you are using for users to sign up to. It can be simple to make with some basic knowledge, but if you don’t know, use the groups you joined on social media for help, that’s what they’re there for!  

People will need a reason to give you their email. As a business, you’ll need to convince them this is something they are going to benefit from.

In digital marketing terms, this is called a ‘lead magnet’. Some examples include trial subscriptions, samples or free consultations. Once you have chosen one, and users have input their email, you can get cracking on with your email marketing! 

When have a group of people within your list, email them with a link to your blog post. Write things like ‘check this out’ or ‘have a look at this!’ to drive attention to it.

If you ask your subscribers to interact with it, that will widen your audience base and engagement level.

Distribution list on notepad


Overall, it is important to promote your content to the right people and the right channels.

Creating a distribution list that suits your business and its needs will benefit you greatly.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, have a little research into all the different things you can do to promote your content. Then, choose what will benefit you most substantially based on your goals.  

If you continually work on growing your distribution list, your work will get much more attention, therefore, you are able to grow your business further.  Visit our other blog articles for information similar to this!

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