How to Contact YouTube when you are not Monetized


Contacting YouTube seems like a relatively simple task, right? Sometimes it’s a bit more difficult than it seems if you are not monetized.

In this short blog, we will be going through how you can and should approach YouTube, as well as why they have certain controls in place on their platform.

  1. What does it mean to be monetized on YouTube
  2. How you can get in contact with YouTube
  3. Reasons why you might want to contact YouTube

What does it mean to be monetized on YouTube

Being monetized on YouTube is a relatively easy term to understand. It is a program, used by YouTube, that allows its content creators to make money from the videos that they upload onto the site.

Unfortunately, not everyone can become monetized. There is a pretty strict criteria that needs to be met before you can start making any funds from the site.

Eligibility includes ensuring that every little bit of content in a video you create is entirely your own, and you have all the property rights for it. The risk for copyright is decreased greatly because of this. If you have used someone else’s copyrighted content, you cannot monetize that video. Even if you shot the clip yourself, and used someone else’s audio, this video cannot be monetized.

If you want to submit a video to monetization. It’s simple. All you have to do is when you upload a video, check the ‘Monetize my video’ option on the ‘Monetization’ tab in the upload page area.

Depending on how successful the video is will determine how much money you will make.

contacting youtube

How you can get in contact with YouTube

Often, content creators really struggle getting into contact with YouTube. No one really knows why the company make it so difficult to get into contact with them. It might be because they don’t want to get overwhelmed with any time wasters/fake accounts. You can try to open a dialogue with YT through social media, which can sometimes be useful. Or, if you are monetized or an eligible partner, you can message through the Contact Support Team.

In reality, there is no good way of contacting YouTube and being guaranteed to receive a response. The company does not have an email or phone number. The YouTube support line will just give you an automated response.

Some ways people in the past have got in contact with YT is tweeting them on Twitter, commenting on a YouTube Facebook or Instagram post.

Reasons why you might want to contact YouTube

There could be many different reasons someone might want to get into contact with YouTube.

As a content creator, a few of the common reasons include having problems uploading your content, getting abuse from other users or security breaches.

A lot of these issues can be quite serious, so getting help fast could be a pain!

Some other reasons you might want to get in contact with the company include copyright claims, queries, or general advice.


Overall, if you really need assistance from YouTube, it is best to try and contact them multiple times, and in multiple different ways to make the most of your efforts. We hope this blog article has helped you.

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