How to Batch Film Content to Streamline your Production Process


Batch filming content is a relatively simple task to do if you squeeze some space into your daily schedule. The time it takes you to film, edit and post depends solely on how much content you want to mass produce.

Having a lot of content ready at the touch of a button ensures that you create a stress-free approach to your production process.

In this blog article, we will be discussing everything regarding batch filming content and how it can help your business.

  1. What is Content Batching?
  2. Benefits of Batch Filming Content for your business
  3. How to Batch Film Content

What is Content Batching?

Creating all or some of your filmed content within a set period of time is what content batching is. Allocating a time within your work week to spend a day doing so could help you tremendously in the long run. Like we have mentioned earlier, how long it will take depends on how much content you want to produce. Let’s say you want to make six months worth of content and you post one video a week. This means you will have to batch produce 24 videos. Subject to how long and complex your videos are, you’ll probably need more than a day to create these.

Being able to focus your energy on one task gives you the ability to centre all of your drive and potentially create better, more engaging content.

Benefits of Batch Filming Content for your Business

Batch filming content can do great things for your business. To start, it helps you streamline your production process and create a better strategy for your YouTube Channel. By creating all of your videos, captions and processes in one go, you are sure to stay on track and on-topic, without going off on a tangent.

Furthermore, you could save time editing and creating your videos. When it comes to the setup, you might need a specific program on your computer, you’ll need lighting and a backdrop, location and makeup. Preparing this takes up a lot of your time, so doing it once and then making all your videos saves you from having to do it over and over.

An obvious benefit to this approach is that you won’t run out of videos for your YouTube Channel. Unless you come to the end of your batch videos, where you’ll just have to create some more. By keeping yourself to a tight, regular schedule, you’ll avoid the epitome of zero motivation and inspiration.

Consistency is one of the biggest advantages to batch production. When you want to establish some credibility to your brand, having a consistent flow will show prospects you are serious about what you do.

Often, the costs of creating your videos will actually decrease. For example, if you have to travel somewhere to create your videos, or hire someone to work with you, doing so in one period of time saves you from doing it multiple times.

How to Batch Film Content

Batching all of your content, whatever it may be, is a relatively simple task if you know exactly what you want to do. If you don’t – no worries, just write out a list with the sort of content you want to produce in the coming months, and work from that.

Firstly, you need to think of some content pillars. This is the list we just mentioned above. Have a think about the consistent topics you want to discuss in your videos. For example, if you are an accountant, you could talk about HMRC, tax deadlines, client records etc. You want an accordant message portrayed through every bit of content you create.

Next, have a look and analyze previous posts you have created. This way, you can look at what went well and what didn’t, then tailor your future content. Think about whether you can re-purpose any of your best videos too, which saves you time, effort and gives you the confidence that you are creating good content.

Design any graphics like cover photos for your videos in the batching process. Keep your video and photo dimensions to hand, and maybe even create yourself a guide so you know where to refer back to to find the sizes easily in the future. If you use similar designs for each video, turn your graphics into templates so you can quickly get to them again later on.


Overall, there isn’t really any disadvantages that come with batch producing your content,. The only issue lies in whether you can find the time in one of your work weeks to create a few months worth of content. Even then, if you have a look at your schedule and switch around a few things, I’m sure you can find the time. It will be worth it in the end, even if it gets tedious creating them on the day!

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