Give Us 10 Minutes – We’ll Have You Grabbing Your Audiences Attention In Seconds!

So, how can you get your audience to read the content you’re producing?

Something a lot of service based business’ struggle with is catching their audiences attention.

Service providers all around the UK often miss the opportunity to showcase their amazing content to their prospective clients because they can’t get people to click on it!

One way you can solve this affair is to create headlines for your content that solve your audiences issues. It’s as simple as that.

It’s no use to you explaining how fabulous you and your business are, how you can help and why your audience need to buy your products, if no one ever finds the information.

Put yourself into the shoes of your client, and there thoughts on your products or service. Their first instinct is to think, ‘Is this really going to help me, how do I benefit?’.

There are a number of things you need to think about when creating the perfect headline to ‘Wow!’ your clients. By immediately saying something that your customer finds valuable, you will gain their attention, and with this comes their trust and loyalty as they read through the fantastic content you’ve produced.

Why Would You Need A Headline Anyway?

Good question… understanding why you need a headline in the first place is the initial step you need to take in order to grab your audiences attention in seconds. Let’s consider this idea. As a small business owner, you have a totally different perspective on the business than what your clients will have.

Think about it this way, when you go fishing, you need to select the right rod, bait and location in order to attract the right fish to bite and reel them in. In the world of marketing, you have to use the right tools (the rod), bait (your headline and content), location (where you put the article), audience (the fish), to nurture (reel them in) to your business. It all starts with a good headline.

Don’t forget we are all busy, a headline needs to jump out on the page.

Lets bring this back to real-life terms. The purpose of a headline is to stop your clients in their tracks. They need to know that your content will solve their problems for them. When you use an mundane headline, or you are just trying to sell your business, they won’t want to know what you have to say. Realistically, it’s one of the most important and time consuming tasks for you.

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Keep Your Headlines Short – Nobody Wants to Read An Essay!

The length of your headlines depends on where you content is being promoted. For example, an email subject line, on average can have 7 words before being cut off. On the other hand, a squeeze sales page, might use 20. Not only is the content of the headline important, the length needs to be on your radar too.

The headline you choose to use needs to provoke interest, desire and intrigue, but never gives a solution/answer away. You want your audience to engage with your content first to discover the answer. If they lose interest – you risk the prospect entirely.

Adding Keywords In Your Headlines = Ranking High On Search Results!

Keywords. Perhaps even more important than the length and content itself. Coming up with a headline that is ‘dripping’ in keywords relevant to your content topic will help you drastically with SEO purposes.

So, SEO. You’ll most likely be green to this subject if you’ve never done anything marketed related. If you want your content to be noticed, this is another big factor that will bring in the prospects if properly done. Search Engine Optimisation is what it stands for, and basically, is the process of improving your site in order to increase it’s visibility on Google’s Search Rankings. Read More About This Here.

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Base Your Headlines On Who’s Reading

Not only does your headline need to express your point, it needs to be tailored around who will be reading it and how we can make it specific to them. Addressing this theory means that your headlines do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, ensuring your content is reaching the right sort of people.

As an example to help you grasp this concept. If you write a blog on ‘Great Fishing’ and one on ‘Great Carp Fishing’. Because you are searching for specific carp related fishing materials, chances are your interested in catching carp.

On the other hand, if you stumbled across an article solely focusing on ‘Great Fishing’, you could be any fisherman, meaning you are trying to target too many people, when you really need to focus down.

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Specificity in Your Headline Indicates You Know What You’re Talking About

By now, you should know that coming up with a powerful headline equates to half of your contents effectiveness. If your headline isn’t the best it can be, your audience definitely won’t click on the post or take any action, meaning all of your marketing efforts thereafter are a waste of time.

Merging statistics or specific pieces of data within your headline often creates a sense of urgency for your reader. It entices them in because they are interested in what the headline is stating. The human brain is receptive to numbers, we want to organize the data into logical solutions, so using a number is better than a word, because it really is eye-catching.

A good example is following a ‘step-by-step’ number guide, which makes it simple for the audience to get to the answer they want.

Creating Headlines With That ‘WOW’ Factor

Like we have mentioned above, there are a number of ingredients you need to include in this headline mixture of yours! The points that we’ve mentioned above are all equally important – so missing out on one vital thing could disrupt the whole process. Take time out to research what might work best for your business and see how you do!

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