Our Consultations Are Different

Clarity & Focus

We approach “consultations” differently to other companies that you may speak to.

Our goal is to empower you to solve your problems by giving you the clarity and focus you need to DIY yourself.

But of course, if after speaking with us, you want to enlist our help and we think we’re a good match to work together.

Then we’d love to be part of your success story!


Results Focused

(CPF) Consultation Preparation Form

Regardless of whether you want 1, 2, 3 or more consultations with us. We always ask you to complete the Consultation Preparation Form on the following page first.

This allows us to do some basic background research into your problem before we speak to you, so that we can be as useful and helpful to you as possible.

The alternative is we burn 10/15 minutes asking these question at the start of the consultation, instead of spending that time helping you with a possible solution.


Free or Paid Consultation – Your Choice!

Your first consultation with us, will be free of charge.

If you require additional meetings to help resolve your problem, then we charge a standard rate of £120 + vat (please complete the same Consultation Preparation Form but click the “buy now” button instead).

Digital Diary Appointment

Once you’ve completed the Consultation Preparation Form, you will be presented with our digital diary. Just choose a time/date for our Zoom consultation to take place. Just so you understand, our offices are in Milton Keynes.

Job done!


We Want To Help!

We really want to help all our prospective clients and existing clientele.

This is why we publish daily live video broadcasts that solve your problems across our YouTube Channel (and other social media networks) whilst operating the hashtag #AskMcCallMedia.

Our actions speak for themselves.

If you think your “problem” would suit this type solution, then visit our #AskMcCallMedia website page to learn how to request our help.