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There are many ways in which you can manage your digital folders as a freelancer, all with many pros and cons. You need to understand how your business works and what will be best for your employees. Freelancer folder organization is crucial to run your business well.

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  1. What is Freelancer Folder Organization
  2. Why it can be beneficial to you
  3. How you can use this for your business
organized freelancer folder organization


So, what is freelancer folder organization? Basically, it is how an individual arranges their digital folders. It’s as simple as that.

In this day and age, computer files have taken over paper files for most businesses. The internet is a big part of the way companies work in certain aspects. We don’t have large desks full of documents anymore. Files and folders are stored in a database, online.

As a Freelancer, it is so important that you figure out how you can organize your files effectively. If not, your projects and pieces of work will suffer. Files will be lost, confusion will grow and things could be mixed up.


Freelancer folder organization can be beneficial to anyone running a business. However, it needs to be done correctly otherwise it can make your work life a lot harder!

One of the ways it is useful is because you can separate folders and files based on projects your working on. For example, if you have Mary, John, Bob and Annette as clients, you don’t want to get them mixed up. It is important to separate these because a lot of the time you will have access to private information. You are not allowed to share these documents. Mixing them up could cause a breach in law, depending on the type of business you run.

Another reason freelancer folder organization can be beneficial to your business is because it saves time. As well as this, it boosts productivity and efficiency. It ensures you are not wasting any time looking for things, that could be found simply with some organization. Having your projects separated by names, dates, clients or types of work helps to locate work quickly. Which in result, saves time.


Often, freelancers believe that organizing your digital files can be difficult. Mostly because some businesses have many large folders with numerous amounts of data involved. However, there are many online software’s available to aid you in this. Have a little research or get in contact with us for some ideas. One we personally like to use is SharePoint.

Learning how to completely utilize all of your tools and knowledge is the solution. Organizing your files can be a simple process with some research and understanding of basic software.

Not only should you do research beforehand, but all your files and folders need to use a proper naming technique. This should show you its exact location and what your file is for. Doing so will decrease any level of confusion. To make it as basic as possible, ensure you know the exact purpose of your file, just by looking at its name. For example, if you work in zoology, you could name your files zoology_pantheraleo, (meaning lion). In this file, we have given it a subtitle so you know we are working with the lions.


As well as this, the folders where you keep your files should follow a consistent system. Every folder should be named in the same way. An example could be that you start with the date the file was made, the data it includes, or in alphabetical order.

Creating smaller folders in larger folders is called nesting. This reduces the time spent looking for folders and files, because you now know what category to look for.

Keeping your database completely updated and maintained is crucial. Regularly add and remove things as you are working because clutter can build up if you don’t. If a file is not in use, delete it so you do not get confused.


Overall, organizing your files in your online database can be easy or difficult, depending on the way you work. If you follow a consistent strategy throughout, you’ll avoid all confusion. Your work will be easily located.

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