Company branding


Company branding is the way you create the image of your business in the eyes of clients and prospects.

There are a number of aspects that you should consider as part of your branding approach. There isn’t one single thing you can identify as ‘company branding’. Everything you do to promote your business should piece together and match so that everyone views it the same.

In this blog article, the topics we will be discussing include:

  1. What is company branding
  2. Some examples of company branding
  3. Places where people go wrong and things they do right

What is company branding

As we have described above, company branding is exactly how the public view your brand. This is solely based on how you promote it, as they don’t see ‘behind the scenes’.

A number of different aspects need to be considered when you are deciding on how to create your branding. One of these things includes the need for matching across all platforms. For example, if your colour scheme is blue and pink, this needs to be copied everywhere. Not following the same ‘look and feel’ everywhere will make your branding weak. To get the most traction, this needs to be strong.

company branding

Some examples of company branding

Like we mentioned earlier, everything needs to match regarding branding. Some examples of this include having a website. On this website, you will describe exactly what your company does, or what it has to offer.


Next, you need to think about your ads, if you want any. These will need to promote all of your services. You need to ensure that the ads you are designing promote your business, and your business only.


Your theme will incorporate all of your colour schemes and logos. These need to be important as they are the main parts of your company branding. All the social media channels you have will use the colour scheme and your logo, so ensuring that it suits the theme of your business is important. The font you choose initially also needs to be used for most things thereafter.

The wrong and right things to do

A lot of companies believe that they are completely on top of their branding, however, this is not the case. To be completely on top of it, everything needs to match completely.


Some places where people go wrong is when they lose consistency. Employees might get bored of the normal branding guidelines and switch it up. The more you switch it up, the less strength your brand will have.

Another place where companies may go wrong is that they forget about looking at what other businesses are doing.

If they copy something accidentally, this could breach copyright laws. Not only this, but if a company has similar branding to you, you will struggle to gain traction. This is because everyone will likely mistake the two.

What you should actually do

On the other hand, when creating a company brand, a suitable thing to do would be to create a brand guideline. This ensures that the company as a whole know exactly where to look to find something.

Within your brand guideline, fonts should be included. Colors, logos, sizes of things and everything regarding promoting your business will be on here.

Determining your brands target audience is vital. You need to know who you are targeting to ensure that they will be interested in your companies offerings. If it doesn’t suit what they are interested in, there is no point.

Lastly, establish a mission statement to follow and research competitors in your market to see what they are doing. Never copy, but you can get some ideas. It can really get your branding off to a great start.


Overall, there are many different factors you need to consider properly before sticking to a specific type of company branding. Do a lot of research into what could potentially work for you to reap the best benefits from it in the long run.

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