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What are brochure websites? They’re simply normal brochures, in digital form. It contains the same information as one you would find in a shop, but it’s online.

This sort of website allows a company to show off their products and services as much as they like. However, on this website, you can only advertise the products. You can’t sell them here.

In this blog article, we will be covering aspects that could be beneficial to you. This will include:

  1. How you can create a brochure website
  2. Some pros and cons of a brochure website
  3. Why you would choose a brochure website

How can you create a brochure website

Creating a brochure website takes some consideration. There a a few different ways in which you can go about making one. Every business works differently, so figuring out what will work best for you is vital.


WordPress allows you to create a simple brochure website. To stop people from interacting with your site (purchasing items), you will need to change your settings. Ensure all options that allow customers to comment on your website have been turned off. As well as this, the self-registration option should be turned off too.

Now that these settings have been changed, your websites appearance can be altered. This is a very important part in the creation process. This is what customers will view when they first visit your page.

Your brochure needs to match you companies branding. The colour schemes you use need to be the same throughout your whole business. The font style, tone, voice etc need to match in every part of your business. This is so every customer knows exactly who you are and what you can provide.

Whatever way you choose to create your brochure website, there will be a chance to customize it. On WordPress, you have the choice of many different themes that give you endless possibilities to edit.

Some things you might choose to adapt include titles, header images, footers etc.

brochure written on sign

Pros and cons of a brochure website


• Online brochures are extremely cost efficient. It saves time and resources compared to creating a physical brochure.

• Brochure websites can be viewed and sent to anyone around the world. There are no location boundaries.

• There are hundreds and hundreds of templates and customization settings to choose from when you create a brochure website. This means you are never limited to a simple, boring design.

• Modifications are endless and if you don’t like something, you can always change it.


• If you are using a well known website creator, chances are competitors may be using something similar. If this is so, your website might not work as well.

• Some templates have limitations. There are certain things you won’t be able to change.

• You miss out on the face to face interactions with a customer you would have had with a physical brochure.

• A lot of templates have some sort of limitations in the design, therefore, you may not be able to edit it as much as you want to.

• You may lack in SEO keywords

Why you should choose a brochure website

Having so many options out in the world wide web, it can be daunting trying to figure out what sort of website would be best for your business. A lot of this consideration lies in what you provide your customers with, who your customers are, and how you provide it to them.

A brochure website is the perfect design for an agency who sell products. It suits small business’ who don’t have a large budget. The reason for this is because a brochure doesn’t need much changing all the time. Most things will stay the same, apart from the adding and removal or certain products or services.

By having brochure websites online, your business will be able to reach a broader number of people. Furthermore, they are relatively simple to create and update when necessary. This means that it isn’t too time consuming or difficult to change.

Regarding the SEO struggles of a website… Take a few moments daily or weekly to keep your page updated with new content and keywords. This ensures you can still maximize traffic coming in from the web.

Another quick reason why brochure websites may be beneficial to you is that they are cheap. Because they are basic, it’s not statutory to keep maintaining it constantly.


Overall, brochure websites are extremely helpful for smaller businesses with a smaller budget. They are quick, easy and cost effective. However, if you are a larger business or have a lot of stock that you need to advertise, a website like this may not suit you. This is because there may not be physically enough space for all the products and services to go on the page.

It’s up to you and what you decide from now. If you need some guidance, have a look at the YouTube Video we did on this topic.

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