About Our Preferred Suppliers

Below is a selection of companies that we believe share the same values and ethos as ourselves.

By clicking on these companies/links and visiting their websites, you do so at your own risk. We have no legal connection with any company listed on this page and no monetary payments have exchanged hands for them to be listed. This page simply serves as a means to help connect small businesses with others who may be of interest and service.

We suggest that you do your own homework and background checks and take appropriate care and due diligence in any business relationships that you may choose to enter into.

Andi Deeks
Business Coach
As Dks BD we are here to assist and help businesses like yours, businesses that don’t seem to be growing and developing as they would really want to or should be. We work with you to understand your problems and your issues we then create solutions that when implemented will enable you and your business to grow develop and prosper.
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Kate Baker
Data Protection Specialist
Stop worrying about GDPR and get it right? Virtualgo2 offers cost-effective straightforward services and answers about all thing data protection. Tailored to fit with as much or as little help as you need. Contact us now and get peace of mind.
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Nicola Richardson
Business Consultant
Breathing life and passion into leaders, managers and their teams through leadership and management mentoring and team turnaround programmes.
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