Supplied Content

Is content I provide, my own intellectual property?
Any content, photo’s, images, or content of any kind, that you create and supply to us, regardless if it’s for a website, brochure, flyer or even social media post, remains yours. McCall Media Studio’s is simply a recipient of your content for use as per your instructions to us.


What happens to my website and it's content if I close my account?
If you are in open communication with us, about your website’s future and intentions then we will work with you as per your request.
► If you wish to delete your website and all it’s content, then we ask you to electronically sign and date a statement, to this effect, telling us what date the site should be destroyed, and that is what we will do.
► If you wish to transfer your website, then we charge £60+vat to pack up your website, and set your domain name to transfer out of our management. You can then download the website files, and supply them to your new designer, or manage yourself. We are not responsible for what happens to your website at it’s future destination. We will provide a list of all service provider, plugins, themes, and licences in use. You will then have to arrange the purchase of such services directly with these suppliers or via your new website designer at whatever cost that maybe to you! Failure to do so will most likely result in your website not functioning properly which is not our responsibility.
► If you vanish, stop replying to communications from us, then we provide 30 day written notice (£120 + vat) to all email accounts known to us, and hardcopy recorded mail signature copy to the business address registered with us. Advising firstly of your account suspension, and then again 30 days later (£120 + vat), to advise of termination. Any money outstanding will be sent to a debt collection agency including fee’s as shown and interest charged at the Bank of Englands national rate and backdated to the date or our first attempt to reach you begun..