How We Began

McCall Media Ltd is the vision and aspirations of Angela McCall, Director.

Having spent more then 23 years working as a freelance digital creative in both the UK, and New Zealand, one day, Angela knew she’d launch a combined digital marketing agency and creative design studio.

About Angela McCall

About Virtual Business

100% Virtual Business

Angela spent her late 20’s travelling the world, working for clients back-home in a style now known as a “Digital Nomad“.

So the vision to operate as a virtual business has always been paramount in the agencies design, thus saving money on fancy office overheads allows such savings to be passed onto our clients.

Talent Over Location

We prefer to work with the right highly talented people over prioritising the importance of their physical location being near to ours. Allowing our team the freedom to work from wherever they choose makes them happier, content in their roles and in turn more productive.

About Talent

About Virtual Business

Our Business Mission

To help UK micro and small businesses, in the B2B sector, to embrace digital marketing activities, without fear of what technology to use, finding trust-worthy skilled labour to operate it and how to strategise its potential for their businesses to succeed online 24/7/365.