“Life – Don’t Waste It, Embrace It!

– Angela McCall (Managing Director)

Our Backstory

McCall Media Ltd is the vision and aspirations of our Director, Angela McCall..

Having spent more then 23 years working on the frontline as a freelance digital creative in both the UK, and New Zealand. 2020 brought the opportunity to embrace social change and launch a virtual digital marketing agency and creative design studio. We operate digitally but are located in Milton Keynes.

About Angela McCall

Our Vision…

…is to help UK small B2B service providers embrace digital marketing activities, without fear of what technology to use, sourcing trust-worthy skilled labour or lack of strategy understanding in tying the two together. By operating as our clients own in-house (yet out-sourced) own workforce our team is enthused by a freedom style of independent work, quality of life and balance, that helps you succeed online.

Our Mission

McCall Media Ltd is a modern 21st-century business that operates free of geographical constraints by embracing the best of today’s information world, communication advances, and it’s latest web-based technologies.

About Virtual Business

100% Virtual Business

By operating as a 100% virtual business, our business can operate without the financial liabilities of a traditional office, which is reflected in our pricing strategy and thus a benefit that our clients also enjoy. We are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire though.

The Next Generation

Our businesses growth and expansion lies within the upskilling, training, and growth of a younger generation of apprentice’s who can learn their craft on the job. With a yearly intake of fresh souls that evolve from apprentice to junior staff that flourish into active and valued members of our organisation.

About Talent

Talent Over Location

We prefer to work with the right highly talented people over prioritising the importance of their physical location being near to ours. Allowing our team the freedom to work from wherever they choose makes them happier, content in their roles and in turn more productive.

Our Honesty Policy

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by adopting a transparent pricing policy, and by embracing external verification standards such as the buy-with-confidence government-backed scheme (application submitted) and the UK minimum living wage accreditations (application submitted) in order to rise above the influx of self-proclaimed experts, that are polluting our creative industry.

About Virtual Business

UK B2B Service Providers

We serve micro and small UK B2B service providers who intend to evolve from freelance enterprises into private limited companies (if not already done so). Traditionally these businesses primary method of operation is to sell their knowledge, expertise and talents, via done-for-you service delivery, on a time-for-money principle at a set fee. Growth for such businesses is normally generated via increasing their fee’s, or their client base. We intend to help them launch digital products for a passive yet additional income.