2 Powerful Methods Using Blog Excerpt and Meta Descriptions to Improve Organic Traffic

How to raise your organic click-through rate on blog article content marketing without spending hundreds on a paid campaign?

Letting your audience in on what your content could be about is the reason they’ll click on it or look somewhere else.

Fed up with Google auto-generating a summary about your content, but it’s actually nothing to do with the information you’re providing?

Enraged that your Search Engine Optimization efforts are failing? Noticing that drop in traffic and sales are beginning to slack? You’re probably terrified that your business is going to breakdown and your career plans are halting to a stop!

Fortunately, there is a simple way around this terrifying reality to some SME’s – the creation of meta descriptions and excerpts. A task that will take you as long as it will to read this blog article.

Want to get started? Here’s a brief description of meta descriptions and excerpts

Ever noticed what that little snippet of text is that appears under your headline in search results? That is your meta description. It is an attribute that is placed into the meta tags of your website, to provide a brief description of what is on that page. Seems interesting, huh?

Finding the metadescription of any web page is a simple task. Directly right click on any page and select “View Page Source”. Within the meta description tags, the information about the site will be encapsulated in code which starts something like this… “<meta name=…”

When searchers explore through Google, it’s helpful to have a piece of information that provides a ‘snippet’ into what the page is going to display. You’ve been in that boat before, right?

Maybe your searching the internet for the ‘best karate clubs in Milton Keynes’. The meta description has included a brief example of what services each club offers, and what could happen if they click-through to the website. We can all agree that meta descriptions are a vital piece of information that serves great purposes to every website. Help your audience, help you!

Excerpts are a little different to meta descriptions. Although the same information can usually be duplicated in both, excerpts are mostly applied to blog posts. They are there to summarize the content on the page and can also be utilized to shorten blogs so that just the introduction or summary is showing rather than the whole thing.

We think it’s time for an SEO boost, don’t you?

Lets dive straight into why meta descriptions and excerpts are extremely beneficial when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the process of improving your site in certain ways to gain visibility by your target audience. You can probably guess why meta descriptions are so important now! Crafting a well-presented, compelling and educating description, including major keywords, is the solution to improving organic click-through rates to your website. Isn’t this the magic formula to success? Writing something that takes 10 minutes could be the quintessential element to success!

The meta description and excerpt you choose to use on your website serves as an advertisement. In simple terms, if its letting your audience know what your content is about, in a way, promotion is occurring.

Your business will greatly benefit with the input from these small pieces of information. Because it is one of the most visible parts to your prospects, it needs to formulated well to draw readers to your website over other search results. Remember the most important thing – the more people who see your page, the higher the click-through rate thus landing on your page. Eventually, this leads to more traffic on your site!

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So, how do you write a meta description/excerpt?

Now you have a complete understanding of what a meta description is, you probably want to know the best way to apply this knowledge in your own business.

150-160 characters is the ideal length of a meta description and excerpt. Not much, is it? Within the space of about 10 minutes you should have a rough template, it’s just about perfecting it now. We told you it was easy!

Pick 3 of the most important topics within your content that you believe would be most beneficial to your prospects. Meta descriptions and excerpts are their to help your audience, so make them helpful! Let readers know what you do, what your offering, your unique selling point, and why they should choose you. Take time out to think long and hard about your brand. Put yourself in the prospects shoes. What would you want to know about your business if you were struggling?

Generally, the meta description is the promise you make to your readers about what they will get from your services. Your brand needs to match exactly what your customer needs and wants from you.

Using keywords in your descriptions sincerely aids the process.

The perfect formula to craft an excellent meta description and excerpt

Like we mentioned above, the perfect meta description is created in about 1-2 sentences, which is between 150-160 characters. Isn’t very long, is it? Another thing you should consider is your target keyword. Including this in your description helps rank it in Google for people needing help in that area of expertise.

• Targeting your prospects emotion throughout the whole text helps them understand that your business is here to help, at any time.

• Adding a call-to-action is never a wrongdoing! Putting it at the beginning will help entice your readers to take action.

It’s great putting all this into use, but if your descriptions are not meaningful to the reader, they won’t want to.

Creating meta-descriptions with that ‘Wow!’ factor

So, this blog must’ve taken you about 10 minutes to read, huh? Bet you have hundreds of ideas swirling around your head already. Quick, grab a notepad and pen and get cracking! Lets get your SEO maximized as much as you can, so we can get more traffic running to your website in no time, all through organic search.

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